Diablo 4 players beg Blizzard to include new Dungeons in Hell

Stephanie Zucarelli
Inarius in combat as seen in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players have had enough of the Season of the Construct storyline, and are asking devs to start adding content related to the war between Heaven and Hell in Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 players are excited about the return of Vampiric Powers announced in the latest Campfire Chat, especially because Season of Blood introduced some highly praised mechanics that are sorely missed. However, this doesn’t seem to be enough to fix Season of the Construct, which fans have deemed “lackluster” to say the least.

While users stack requests to Blizzard, the main complaint is always regarding the type of content that Diablo 4 has welcomed so far, and most admit that what they truly expect is to be able to go back to Hell and fight demons in the old-style way.

In a Reddit thread called “I miss fighting demons in Hell!,” Diablo 4 fans asked Blizzard to finally include some of the much-missed scenarios from the franchise.

“I recently did the Vault of Cinders and the first part of it is all ashen with lava and sh*t (yes I know it’s not in Hell but anyway) and it made me realize how much I miss kicking *ss and taking names in Hell, like we did in D3 and the late parts of D4’s campaign,” commented a player. Other fans agreed and pointed out that they also missed feeling like they were involved in the war between angels and demons.

Players also admitted that they were surprised by the fact that Diablo 4 only included references to Hell in the later chapters of the main campaign and that it seemed strange that there was no definitive mention of Diablo despite its central role in the franchise.

While some speculated that Blizzard might be planning on including Diablo in the new expansion, others thought that devs should definitively add some Dungeons related to both Hell and Heaven in the next seasons.

“The part of the campaign when we went back to old Tristram, and it was all trippy. Just give me an endless dungeon like that. Just give me an endless dungeon of Diablo’s cathedral and underground maps leading slowly into Hell. I really miss the DARK and survival immersion of D1 and certain parts of D2,” commented a player.

And that’s everything on why Diablo 4 players are begging devs to add new Dungeons set in Hell. For more on Blizzard’s ARPG, you can check everything about Diablo 4 1.3.3 update, and why players are begging for a simple change to make Uniques feel more special.