Are Diablo 4 servers down? Current server status

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Diablo 4 server outages are a major point of contention for players, as the game requires a constant connection to the internet. If you’re unable to log in or are facing server disconnects, check out this guide on the current Diablo 4 server status revealing if the servers are down.

Diablo 4 Season 2 has brought a major overhaul to the game, which has plenty of changes for almost every aspect of the game. Along with Season of Blood, Blizzard rolled out Patch 1.2.0, which hopes to answer all the requests players made throughout Season of the Malignant.

Login errors and long queue times naturally add to the frustration of players, especially when a new Season is about to be released. Although the developers have been quick to resolve such issues so far, it still hinders the overall experience.

If you’ve been kicked out of Diablo 4 or can’t log in despite having a stable internet connection, here’s everything you need to know about the current server status.

Lillith in Diablo 4Blizzard
Diablo 4 players experiencing network issues will want to check the game’s server status.

Diablo 4 server status

Diablo 4 servers are currently experiencing issues, with players reporting login issues and server disconnects after the launch of Season 2.

Blizzard confirmed that the Diablo 4 Season of Blood rollout was delayed because of problems with their current build. Even if Season 2 is now live, the devs detailed that a technical issue has disabled cross-play between PC and Consoles. Here’s what devs had to say about it:

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“Season of Blood is now live! We found an issue preventing cross-platform play between PC and console. We are working to resolve this and will provide updates as soon as they become available.”

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Here are the common error messages users have been reporting:

  • Error 34202 (PC)
  • Error 300010 (PS5)
  • Error 100010 (Xbox)

Most Diablo 4 error messages are in reference to server issues, which either disconnect or stop players from being able to get into their game.

How to check if Diablo 4’s servers are down

A great way to check if Diablo 4’s servers are down is through their official Twitter page, which will provide updates on network issues such as the invalid license errors on PlayStation.

You can also check Diablo 4’s server status through the website, as here there is a Diablo 4 support page that will inform players when the game’s servers are down, as well as any scheduled maintenance that may occur.

On this page, players can also access trending articles and tech support if they wish to find more information about an issue they are having.

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