What is Modern Warfare 3 Tac-Stance? New movement feature explained

Nathan Warby
Modern Warafre 3 Operator aiming rifleActivision

Modern Warfare 3 introduced a new movement mechanic called Tac-Stance. This new feature is perfect for run and gun playstyles, so let’s take a look at what the Tac-Stance feature is in MW3.

MW3 developers Sledgehammer Games brought back a host of classic features like slide canceling and the old-school minimap, but there are also plenty of innovations.

Modern Warfare 3 players continue to dive into all of the new features following the game’s launch, from the Armory Unlock system to all of the new Perks on offer, and there’s plenty to discover. This includes the Tac-Stance movement, which adds a new dynamic to multiplayer matches.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Tac-Stance in Modern Warfare 3 and how the new feature works.

Modern Warfare 3 Tac-Stance explained

Modern Warfare 3’s new Tac-Stance feature is a movement and shooting mechanic that combines the classic aim down sight view with a hipfire feel. Think of Tac Stance as a hybrid between the two views as you look down the barrel of your weapon.

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It sees Operators “unshoulder their weapon and hold it in a canted firing position,” similar to the canted Lasers present in MW2. In a Modern Warfare 3 blog, the devs described it as “a perfect middle-ground between hip-fire and aiming down sights.”

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Tac-Stance is designed to thrive in close-quarters combat, sacrificing some accuracy for improved mobility and faster handling. While there will be some spread while firing in this mode, the shots aren’t as wild as regular hip-fire.

This is also the default firing mode while sliding, ensuring that players won’t be at a major disadvantage from trying to stay mobile.

Players will have the option to toggle into Tac-Stance and back out whenever they ADS. In addition, you can also turn off Tac-Stance completely if you’re not interested in the new feature.

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