All Modern Warfare 3 movement changes: Slide & reload canceling, Tac-Stance, more

Nathan Warby
CoD players mantling over wooden block

Modern Warfare 3 is set to introduce a number of changes that players have been calling for since MW2 launched, including a major overhaul to movement. Here’s a breakdown of all the movement changes coming in Modern Warfare 3.

After months of leaks and hype, Modern Warfare 3 has been officially revealed through an in-game Warzone event, and will finally hit shelves on November 10. The sequel is set to bring a host of remastered maps from MW2 (2009), as well as a brand-new campaign featuring the iconic villain, Makarov.

Sledgehammer Games look as though they’re desperately trying to address complaints the community with last year’s game, as a health increase to slow down the TTK and the return of the classic minimap have already been revealed.

One of the biggest criticisms leveled at MW2 (2022) was the lack of movement, and the devs have made sweeping changes across the board. Here’s a look at all the movement changes coming in Modern Warfare 3.

All movement changes in MW3 from MW2

Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that the following movement features will be introduced in Modern Warfare 3:

  • Slide canceling.
  • Reload canceling.
  • Tac-Stance.
  • Faster mantling speed and mantle while sprinting.
  • Faster firing after sliding.
  • Perk to unlock ADS while sliding.
  • Increased Tactical Sprint duration depending on weapon class.
  • Tactical Sprint recharges while sprinting
  • Improved strafe speeds.

Slide canceling, in particular, has been a much-requested feature ever since Modern Warfare 2 launched, especially among Warzone fans. The trick allows players to keep up their momentum to zoom around the map quicker and make themselves harder to hit.

Modern Warfare III logo
Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 10.

Meanwhile, reload canceling speeds up how long it takes to replace a magazine by quickly switching weapons and back again after initiating a reload. It will also be possible to aim while sliding using a specific Perk unlocked by equipping Gear.

Fans will be delighted to see more general movement updates too, such as a Tac-Stance which is said to be between ADS and hipfire. The hope will be that these changes make Modern Warfare 3 matches feel faster and smoother.

While none of these features are a game-changer individually, they should add up to make Modern Warfare 3 feel more fluid and responsive than its predecessor, which is something that players have been desperate to see.

We’ll likely have to wait for the Modern Warfare 3 beta to see these changes in action and just how much they shake up the gameplay. MW3 is also set to bring Zombies mode to the series for the first time, along with weapons and Operators from MW2.

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