What are Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts? New Gunsmith feature explained

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After-Market Parts Renetti Pistol MW3Activision

Sledgehammer Games have revealed many details about the new Gunsmith feature in MW3 that allows for a much more immersive customization experience. Here’s what you need to know about Aftermarket Parts and how they work in Modern Warfare 3.

Since MW3‘s initial reveal, Sledgehammer Games have shown that they’re prepared to introduce new features and innovations when it comes to weapon customization, enabling you to create the best guns in the game.

Players are hyped for the release as the devs have revealed much of the new content arriving at launch. This includes the return of the classic minimap, the 2009 MW2 maps, and a new Aftermarket Parts feature to improve the Gunsmith.

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Here’s all you need to know about the new Aftermarket Parts feature in MW3’s Gunsmith.

Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts explained

The Aftermarket Parts feature is a new special customization option within Modern Warfare 3’s Gunsmith taking the form of Conversion Kits, that will enable players to “construct unique weapon configurations or types,” allowing them to focus on their “preferred and specific playstyle.”

At launch, Modern Warfare 3 will feature several sets of Aftermarket Parts. In order to access these kits, players will need to complete in-game challenges that become available once the supported weapon obtains the maximum level.

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MW3 Aftermarket parts conversion kits revealed

Sledgehammer Games revealed three Aftermarket parts conversion kits that players can access in the game. These kits were used to provide a more detailed explanation of the new MW3 Gunsmith feature.

Pulemyot LMG – Bullpup Conversion Kit

In the first example, CoD revealed that by equipping the Bullpup Conversion Kit, the Pulemyot LMG will receive better maneuverability, rate of fire, and hip fire recoil. This modification significantly improves the weapon’s overall performance, making it more effective both on the move and when using the Tac-Stance.

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Unlock challenge (at max level): Get 25 Kills while hip firing or using Tac-Stance.

Pulemyot LMG Aftermarket parts MW3Activision
The Pulemyot LMG will also feature additional Aftermarket Parts to further improve the conversion.

Renetti Handgun – Full-auto Carbine

The MW3 Aftermarket Parts will allow players to transform the burst-fire Renetti Handgun into a fully automatic Handgun that closely resembles an SMG, resulting in enhanced bullet velocity, greater range, and a higher rate of fire, albeit at the expense of reduced mobility and less control over recoil.

Renetti Handgun Carbine MW3 Aftermarket partsActivision
The Renetti Handgun was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2019.

Unlock challenge (at max level): Get 30 Kills with five attachments equipped.

WSP Swarm – Akimbo Brace Stocks

The last example SHG showcased was the addition of “support to the weapon’s frame,” allowing players to use the WSP Swarm as Akimbo, which “sacrifices some damage range and mobility for the advantage of overwhelming your opponents with a rain of fire.”

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Unlock challenge (at max level): Unlock via weekly challenge in the preseason.

WSP Swarmwith Akimbo MW3Activision
The Akimbo Conversion Kit gives players a laser that improves hip-fire accuracy.

Additional Gunsmith enhancements in Modern Warfare 3

Further, the dev team also shared additional Gunsmith enhancements to the overall weapons system in Modern Warfare 3, including “more shared attachments and the removal of certain penalties when equipping small Optics.”

  • Attachment unlocks: For new MW# weapons, attachments like Grips, Barrels, Magazines, and Stocks won’t require players to use a specific gun after being unlocked.
  • 1x Optic attachments: The 1x zoom Optic attachments won’t penalize the player’s ADS speed.

So, that was everything you need to know about the Aftermarket Parts in Modern Warfare 3’s Gunsmith.

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