How to get Tac-Stance kills in MW3

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The Tac-Stance mechanic introduced in MW3 is difficult to master, and killing enemies with it is required to unlock some of the best camos in the game. Here’s how to get Tac-Stance kills and the best class configuration for it.

MW3 is a faster version of MW2, and Sledgehammer Games addressed many issues like the removal of the slide cancel mechanic. The Tac-Stance was also introduced as a middle ground between ADS and hip-fire.

Mastering this new mechanic using a mouse, keyboard, or controller is no easy feat. If you are a camo hunter, you will aim to unlock every single camo for every weapon in the game. Tac-Stance is required to complete some of those challenges.

Here’s how to master this new way to aim and get Tac-Stance kills in MW3 for camo challenges.

MW3: How to get Tac-Stance kills

Operator under the rain in MW3
Tac-Stance is a must when mastering close-quarters combat in MW3.

To get Tac-Stance kills in MW3, you must first configure the aiming option from the game settings. Once that’s done, players will need to jump into multiplayer matches using their desired configuration for Tac-Stance and start killing enemies.

Tac-Stance can be enabled by pressing down on the D-pad while aiming, or the ADS button + V on PC by default. Remember you can change it in settings to adjust it to your gameplay style, so try your best and start working on those kills.

Here are some of the best tactics you can use to master the new mechanic in MW3:

  • Don’t run and shoot: Tac-Stance requires more accuracy, so always try to slow down first and shoot later.
  • Use Tactical Equipment: Using Tactical equipment such as Stun Grenades is a great option for distracting enemies while you shoot them in Tac-Stance.
  • Spot enemies first: Don’t go around running with Tac-Stance on, try to spot your enemy and hunt them down from a tactical position.

Best loadout for Tac-Stance kills in MW3

Here’s the best loadout for Tac-Stance kills in MW3 to utilize the best strategy to get easy camo challenge kills.

  • Vest: Infantry
  • Gloves: Assault Gloves
  • Gear: Mag Holster, Ghost
  • Boots: Stalker Boots
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Stim
  • Field Upgrade: Smoke Airdrop

Some attachments in MW3 increase accuracy and Tac-Stance spread, so those are good choices for players who want to get Tac-Stance kills. Suppressors, visible lasers, and short barrels like the MTZ Natter Heavy Short Barrel work well with this configuration.

MW3: Best mode for easy Tac-Stance kills

Operators in a MW3 multiplayer match.
Hardcore modes are the best choice when tackling Tac-Stance kills camo challenges.

MW3 has many Hardcore modes where getting Tac-Stance kills is easier, but be careful, enemies are weaker and so are you. The best modes to play while using Tac-Stance are:

  • Free For All
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Domination

Hardcore versions of these modes put you and your enemies with less HP on the field, so getting Tac-Stance kills in these will be easier. Also, smaller maps with frequent interactions like Rust, Scrapyard, and Terminal are the best for Tac-Stance kills.

All Tac-Stance camo challenges in MW3

The following camo challenges require Tac-Stance kills in MW3:

  • SVA 545 Monarch
  • MTZ-556 Purple
  • MTZ-556 Forged
  • MTZ-556 Priceless
  • Holger 556 Magma Heat
  • MCW Menelaus Blue
  • DG-58 Oak Leaf
  • FR 5.56 Tiger Blood
  • WSP Swarm Priceless
  • DM56 Forged
  • Haymaker Priceless

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