How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Operator slide cancelingActivision

Modern Warfare 3 brings back the popular slide cancel mechanic, which allows players to move around the map and aggressively challenge enemies without being exposed. Here’s how to slide cancel in MW3.

The slide cancel has become an essential mechanic for Call of Duty players since the release of MW 2019 and its integration with Warzone, and SHG decided to implement it in Modern Warfare 3 with a minor tweak.

Modern Warfare 3 is bringing back fan-favorite features, an open-world variant of the cherished Zombies mode, and remastered versions of MW2 2009’s maps. However, one of the most important takeaways was that players were ecstatic to see the slide cancel mechanic return.

So if you’re wondering how to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3, here’s here’s how to do it on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

How to slide cancel on consoles & PC in Modern Warfare 3

Similar to the original version, to slide cancel on console and PC in Modern Warfare 3, rapidly press the crouch button twice and jump while sprinting with the designated button/stick.

The rapid combination of the three buttons will create the slide and swiftly “cancel” the animation, resulting in fluid movement. Keep in mind that if you’ve set the crouch or jump movement to another button, you must use the one you have chosen.

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Here are the slide cancel combinations using the platform-designated buttons on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC:

PlatformInput combination
PlayStationO+O+X (O = crouch; X = jump)
XboxB+B+A (B = crouch; A = jump)
PCShift+Shift+Space / C+C+Space

What is slide canceling in Modern Warfare 3?

The slide cancel is a strategic mechanic in Call of Duty that allows players to move around the map quickly and aggressively challenge enemies.

However, unlike the MW 2019 version, MW3’s slide cancel doesn’t reset the Tac Sprint, meaning you won’t be able to use unlimited Tactical Sprint to get around the map.

Captain Price in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Activision
Modern Warfare 3 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Approaching enemies in a sliding motion makes it challenging for them to track and target you as you’ll catch them off guard disrupting their field of view. It also positions you favorably to excel in a gunfight as the slide animation speeds up weapon readiness.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3.

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