Best FOV settings for Modern Warfare 3

MW3 player activating EMP in MultiplayerActivision

Adjusting your field of view will help you improve your gameplay in Modern Warfare 3 and you can do so by using the FOV slider found in the settings menu. Here are the best FOV settings to use in MW3 to ensure you have an edge over your opponents.

Modern Warfare 3 has been fully released, bringing exciting changes to multiplayer and the first ever Zombies mode into the MW series. Players can also experience new movement mechanics, along with a transformed Perk system and classic features like the slide cancel.

However, if you’re more interested in tweaking your settings to get the best results during your matches, customizing your field of view in Modern Warfare 3 will come in handy.

With that said, here are our recommendations for the best FOV settings to use in Modern Warfare 3.

FOV Slider in MW3 Graphics' View settingsActivision
The FOV slider can be found in the MW3 settings menu Graphics tab.

How to change your FOV in Modern Warfare 3

Console and PC players can change their FOV settings in Modern Warfare 3 through the View section under the Graphics tab in Settings. Here’s how to access these options:

  1. Launch Call of Duty
  2. Enter Modern Warfare 3
  3. Open up Settings
  4. Select the Graphics tab
  5. Look under the View section for Field of View (FOV) settings
  6. Move the slider to your desired FOV
  7. You’ll also find ADS Field of View and Weapon Field of View settings under Field of View (FOV)

Best FOV for Modern Warfare 3

While FOV in Modern Warfare 3 mostly comes down to preference, our recommendation is anything between 105 to 115, based on your setup, particularly the size of your screen or monitor.

The best way to get used to a wider FOV is to start at 105, and gradually increase the value as you become more used to it. Remember, the higher the value you opt for, the harder to see enemies at range, so experiment with it until you feel at ease in both long-range and close-quarters situations.

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When first entering the Modern Warfare 3, you’ll notice the Field of View option is set at 80 by default, but since the addition of the FOV slider, many find it way too low in terms of what they can see in-game.

Captain John Price from Modern Warfare 3Activision
The Field of View (FOV) allows players to expand their vision within the Modern Warfare 3.

ADS Field of View in MW3

We suggest opting for the Affected ADS Field of View in the MW3, as it will provide a seamless zoom experience, regardless of your FOV setting when aiming down sights.

Independent will over-magnify your ADS zoom, which can sometimes be off-putting when trying to stay on target.

Weapon Field of View in MW3

For players with a FOV exceeding 95 in MW3, we suggest selecting the “Wide” setting. This adjustment will result in your weapon appearing slightly smaller than the default size, providing players with increased screen space to better scan events in front of them.

The Weapon Field of View option allows players to modify the appearance of their in-game weapon in MW3, by altering its dimensions on the screen, and adjusting the “height and width of the weapon view within the game.”

There you have it, that’s our guide for the best FOV settings in Modern Warfare 3. For more on the game, make sure you check out our other guides:

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