MW3: How to fix Your profile was signed out error

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Modern Warfare 3 can have several server and connection issues, similar to most of the previous Call of Duty titles. If you’re getting the ‘Your profile was signed out’ error pop-up on your MW3 screen, here’s how you can fix it in a few simple steps.

Modern Warfare 3 introduces many new elements, like the Zombies, in the ever-popular MW franchise. While Sledgehammer aims to provide a fresh multiplayer experience, loaded with classic MW2 2009 maps, many in the community are facing various errors in MW3.

From issues that have existed in MW2 to brand-new errors that are disconnecting players from the servers, the devs have plenty of hotfixes to introduce.

However, if you’re getting the ‘Your profile was signed out error’ in MW3, you can do a few simple things to try and fix it, so here’s all you need to know.

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MW3 OperatorsActivision
Zombies mode is available in MW3, which is a first for a title in the Modern Warfare series.

MW3 error ‘Your profile was signed out’: How to fix

You can fix the ‘Your profile was signed out’ error in MW3 with a few steps that are listed below:

  1. Make sure you have steady internet with zero packet loss or interruptions. Simply restart your router if you’re unsure about your connection.
    • To check your packet loss or connection stability, fire up a laptop or PC and type ‘cmd‘ in the Start menu. Then, type ‘ping -t’ and press Enter. If your connection is stable, no packets will be lost. If you’re experiencing packet loss, you’ll see ‘Request timed out’ in the Command Prompt.
  2. On consoles, try switching over from Wi-Fi to Ethernet to eliminate any interruptions that might come with the wireless connection.
  3. If your internet is stable, you can restart MW3 on your device.

While there’s no particular fix for the ‘Your profile was signed out’ issue in Modern Warfare 3, it’s important to note that this error usually pops up due to packet loss or disturbance in the internet connection.

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