When is the next Modern Warfare 3 Double XP event?

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Modern Warfare 3 Double XP events allow players to level up their Battle Pass, Rank, and weapon levels faster. Here’s when the next MW3 Double XP event is set to take place.

Modern Warfare 3 players continue to work through the Ranks, unlocking weapons, Perks, and Equipment along the way. Of course, there’s also the Armory Unlock system that acts as a means to unlock certain items in MW3, not to mention increasing a weapon’s level will open the door to more attachments.

The Modern Warfare 3 grind is an experience that players will be exploring well into Season 1. Luckily, Double XP events will come along to speed up the process. Here are the dates for the next MW3 Double XP event.

MW3 Double XP dates

There is currently an active Double XP event taking place in Modern Warfare 3, so here are the start and end dates:

  • All platforms Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP: November 22 – November 27

The active Double XP event is the first one to hit Modern Warfare 3 after its November 10 launch. The increased XP offering will boost the early-game grind and make players progress at a faster rate for a few days.

What time does Modern Warfare 3 Double XP start?

All Modern Warfare 3 Double XP events tend to start at the same time, giving players the time to prepare for the boosted XP values. Here’s when Double XP events start in MW3:

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  • PT – 10:00 AM
  • CT  12:00 PM
  • ET  1:00 PM
  • GMT  6:00 PM

Over the past few years, Call of Duty Double XP events have offered players more than just a couple of days on the weekend to maximize their XP earned. These longer events give players more time to take advantage of the Double XP rates.

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