How to unlock every weapon in Modern Warfare 3: Rank & Armory Unlocks

MW3 Operator in ArmoryActivision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 features 36 new weapons to unlock and level up through both regular leveling and the new Armory Unlock system. Here’s how to unlock every weapon in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 offers a brand-new pile of Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and more to unlock. Some classics return such as the ACR, and there are also brand-new weapons to bring to both multiplayer and Zombies.

Sledgehammer Games removed the Platform system from MW2 2022, instead bringing the new Armory Unlock system alongside the traditional level-based system, allowing you to select the weapons or equipment you want to unlock first.

Here’s how to unlock every weapon in MW3, including those with the new Armory Unlock requirement.

Every MW3 weapon unlock

Here’s every weapon in Modern Warfare 3 and its unlock requirement:

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WeaponTypeUnlock requirement
SVA 545Assault RifleLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
Striker SMGLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
Lockwood 680ShotgunLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
Pulemyot 762LMGLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
KVD EnforcerMarksman RifleLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
KATT-AMRSniper RifleLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
COR-45HandgunLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
Gutter KnifeMeleeLevel 4 (Gunsmith)
DG-58 LSWLMGLevel 7
MTZ-556Assault RifleLevel 12
BAS-BBattle RifleLevel 17
RenettiHandgunLevel 21
WSP SwarmSMGLevel 27
Bruen Mk9LMGLevel 31
Holger 556Assault RifleLevel 37
RGL-80LauncherLevel 38
HaymakerShotgunLevel 39
MCWAssault RifleLevel 44
TYRHandgunLevel 50
AMR9SMGLevel 55
DG-58Assault RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
FR 5.56Assault RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
MTZ-762Battle RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
SidewinderBattle RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
WSP-9SMGArmory Unlock (Level 25)
Rival-9SMGArmory Unlock (Level 25)
Striker 9SMGArmory Unlock (Level 25)
Holger 26LMGArmory Unlock (Level 25)
MCW 6.8Marksman RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
DM56Marksman RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
MTZ InterceptorMarksman RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
KV InhibitorSniper RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
WSP StingerHandgunArmory Unlock (Level 25)
RiveterShotgunArmory Unlock (Level 25)
LongbowSniper RifleArmory Unlock (Level 25)
KarambitMeleeArmory Unlock (Level 25)
TAQ EradicatorLMGIn-game challenge “shortly after game launch”

How to get MW3 Armory Unlock weapons

To unlock Armory Unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 3, you’ll have to reach Level 25, pick the weapon you want to unlock, and complete the required amount of Daily Challenges. Winning matches counts as Daily Challenges too, so you don’t have to complete the three objectives in order to progress.

The amount of wins and Daily Challenges required ranges from two to eight, so it’s worth double-checking how many it is before activating the challenge.

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You can also unlock weapons by exfilling with them in Zombies, so if you’d rather skip the Armory Unlock system, you do have this option to unlock weapons as well.

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