Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3: Every Submachine Gun ranked

MW3 player shooting with an SMGActivision

The SMG category stands out as an excellent choice for close-quarters combat in Modern Warfare 3. If you want to dominate in the multiplayer, we’ve ranked every SMG in MW3 from worst to best and counted down the top five.

Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer mode is fully underway, offering an expanded arsenal that allows you to unlock and utilize multiple new weapons. If you enjoy fast-paced gameplay involving speedy movement, the SMG category is an ideal choice for you.

Luckily, Modern Warfare 3 presents a variety of choices to explore. Here are each of the SMGs available in the game, ranked to help you determine the outright best SMG in MW3 to match your preferred play style.

Best Modern Warfare 3 SMG ranked list

Modern Warfare 3 Operator on Favela with Assault RifleActivision
Modern Warfare 3 SMGs are perfect for small maps.

Before we break down the best Modern Warfare 3 SMG available, we’ve ranked every MW3 SMG from best to worst:

  1. Rival-9
  2. Striker
  3. Striker 9
  4. WSP Swarm
  5. AMR9
  6. WSP-9
  7. Lachmann Sub
  8. FSS Hurricane
  9. Vaznev-9K
  10. VEL 46
  11. Lachmann Shroud
  12. Fennec 45
  13. ISO 9mm
  14. ISO 45
  15. PDSW 528
  16. BAS-P
  17. Minibak
  18. MX9

Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3

5. AMR9

ARM9 SMG in Modern Warfare 3Activision
The AMR9 has outstanding bullet velocity and range.

The AMR9 has an excellent fire rate, which makes its TTK feel extremely fast. This SMG can deal a significant amount of damage in close-quarter situations and has an overall great mobility which allows you to efficiently move around the maps.

4. WSP Swarm

The WSP-Swarm in MW3.Activision
The WSP-Swarm features a high fire rate and a low TTK in MW3.

The WSP-Swarm is a Modern Warfare 3 SMG with an incredibly high rate-of-fire, that is based on the MAC-10 machine pistol. Due to its fire rate, it offers low TTK and can be incredibly lethal at close quarters. You can feel a significant amount of recoil, but equipping the right attachments can mitigate any recoil-based issues.

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3. Striker-9

Striker 9 with MW3 logoActivision
The Striker-9 is great for mobility.

The Striker-9 has established itself among the top weapons for MW3 players who like to keep moving and engaging in close-range fights all over the map. In addition, the SMG features a fast time-to-kill value that is almost identical to the Striker’s, with the only difference being that the former has a slightly better range.

2. Striker

Striker SMG Modern Warfare 3Activision
The Striker is Modern Warfare 3’s version of the MW2 UMP 45 and MW 2019’s Striker 45.

The classic UMP 45 is back in Modern Warfare 3 as the Striker. This beloved gun is the best option if you are looking for a quick SMG that kills fast at short and medium ranges. Similar to its previous iterations, the Striker boasts a blisteringly high fire rate to kill players in an instant, with almost zero recoil and high damage that simply destroys opponents.

1. Rival-9

Rival-9 SMG in Modern Warfare 3Activision
The Rival-9 made its debut in Modern Warfare 2019 as the CX-9.

MW 2019’s fan-favorite Rival-9 makes its way back into Modern Warfare 3, serving as one of the best options in the multiplayer mode. This top-tier SMG has low recoil, great mobility, and a fantastic TTK at close range that will surely feel familiar and easy to use in the hands of veteran players.

You should now be ready to finesse enemies using SMGs in Modern Warfare 3. For more on Modern Warfare 3, be sure to check out our other guides:

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