Best FR 5.56 loadout for Modern Warfare 3

Luca Di Marzo
FR 556 MW3

The iconic Famas from 2009 MW2 returns in Modern Warfare 3 as the FR 5.56 Assault Rifle. If you’re looking for the best loadout for FR 5.56 in MW3, here are all the meta attachments for this burst AR, including Perks and Equipment.

Modern Warfare 3 features 114 weapons in total, with 37 of them being brand-new additions. Most of the recent Call of Duty titles have seen Assault Rifles as the most powerful picks, and the meta in MW3 is no different, ahead of Season 1.

The FR 5.56 is a burst Assault Rifle, like the DG-58, and despite the heavy nerf to the weapon in the November 21 update, it remains one of the best weapons in MW3. With so many attachments to choose from, selecting the right combination isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll really want to make the most of the FR 5.56’s accuracy and power to punish opponents.

So, here’s the best FR.56 loadout for Modern Warfare 3.

Best MW3 FR 5.56 loadout attachments

FR 5.56 weapon preview in MW3
The FR 5.56 is one of MW3’s few burst weapons.
  • Muzzle: T51R Billeted Brake
  • Laser: SZ 1mW PEQ
  • Optic: MK .3 Reflector
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop
  • Comb: FR Anchor

For the best FR 5.56 loadout in MW3, we’ve selected attachments that mainly boost accuracy and damage range for this burst weapon to really excel. While the standard sight is pretty clean, we feel like you’ll get better results by utilizing the precision of the MK .3 Reflector.

When it comes to improving stability and accuracy, the T51R Billeted Brake Muzzle will massively boost gun kick control and recoil control. Then the SZ 1mW PEQ comes in to further the aiming stability for the FR 5.56.

Of course, we don’t want the weapon to be too slow, so the DR-6 Handstop is vital for boosting ADS, movement, sprint-to-fire speed, and aim walking speed. Meanwhile, the FR Anchor Comb will significantly increase your flinch resistance, allowing you to be accurate during intense gunfights.

Best MW3 FR 5.56 loadout Perks & Equipment

  • Vest: Infantry
  • Gloves: Marksman
  • Boots: Covert Sneakers
  • Gear: Ghost T/V Camo
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Stim
  • Field Upgrade: Trophy System

For starters, the Infantry Vest seems to be an early favorite amongst MW3 players, thanks to its boost to speed. Since accuracy is the key to making the most of each burst from the FR 5.56, the Marksman Gloves will come in handy as they reduce sway and flinch when aiming down sight.

The Covert Sneakers and Ghost T/V Camo Gear are a tried and true combination when it comes to sneakily navigating the maps in MW3. Not only will your footsteps be silent but you’ll remain off enemy UAVs as long as you’re on the move.

The Stim is back and better than ever in MW3, extending your survivability. Meanwhile, the Semtex is great for clearing out objectives. On the flip side, the Trophy System will keep you safe from players trying to do the same with their Lethal and Tactical Equipment.

MW3 FR 5.56 in the Firing Range
The FR 5.56 Assault Rifle was also featured in Modern Warfare 2019.

How to unlock FR 5.56 in Modern Warfare 3

The FR 5.56 is an Armory Unlock in Modern Warfare 3, meaning you can get your hands on it as early as Level 25. You’ll have to complete the challenges after reaching Level 25 to unlock the FR 5.56 AR.

Best FR 5.56 alternatives in Modern Warfare 3

With the FR 5.56 being such a unique weapon in MW3, the most obvious alternative is the DG-58, which also features a three-round burst mechanic.

Of course, if you don’t mind diving into fully automatic territory then the MCW is a favorite for best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 3.

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