Best Reclaimer 18 loadout for MW3 Season 4 Reloaded

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 reclaimer 18 with mw3 logo

The Reclaimer 18 is a powerful Shotgun in Modern Warfare 3 that veteran players will remember as the SPAS-12. It can dominate close-range engagements, but you’ll need the best loadout attachments for it.

If you’re looking for the perfect class setup for the new Season 4 Reloaded Shotgun, here are all the components you need.

Best MW3 Reclaimer 18 attachments

  • Barrel: Discourager 900 Heavy Barrel
  • Muzzle: Crown Breaker Choke
  • Laser: Schlager ULO-66 Laser
  • Stock: Hinge LAF Light Stock
  • Rear Grip: Center Mass Grip Tape

To improve the Reclaimer 18’s damage range and bullet velocity, the Discourager 900 Heavy Barrel is a great choice, allowing you to secure kills from longer ranges with the Shotgun.

I found that using attachments to tighten the spread worked extremely well with this barrel, so the Crown Breaker Choke, Schlager ULO-66 Laser, and Hinge LAF Light Stock are great picks.

Lastly, for a boost to mobility, the Center Mass Grip Tape is a no-brainer, as it improves sprint to fire and aim down sight speeds, which is great for when you need to extend the Shotgun’s range.

mw3 reclaimer with best attachments

Best Perks & Equipment

  • Vest: Ninja Vest
  • Boots: Lightweight Boots
  • Gear: Ghost T/V Camo
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade
  • Field Upgrade: Trophy System

You’ll want to stay incognito while running around with the Reclaimer 18, so the Ninja Vest and Lightweight Boots are great picks for a close-range weapon.

To make you even more undetectable, you can’t go wrong with the Ghost T/V Camo, which keeps you hidden on the minimap while enemy UAVs are scanning.

When it comes to Equipment, a Semtex and Flash Grenade will work wonders, as both combine well to flush enemies out of strong positions. Lastly, the Trophy System is a no-brainer for objective-based game modes, as it allows you to cut Lethals out of the equation when holding down a point.

How to unlock Reclaimer 18

You’ll need to complete Sector 23 of the Season 4 Battle Pass, which requires you to tick off five challenges for four sub-rewards. Here’s a list of the challenges:

  • Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie Kills with Shotguns
    • Reward – Double XP Token
  • Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie Hipfire Kills with Shotguns
    • Reward – Angel of Death Large Decal: 
  • Get 5 Operator or Special Zombie Kills while Aiming Down Sights with Shotguns
    • Reward – Kill Shot Emblem
  • Get 7 Operator or Special Zombie Tac Stance Kills with Shotguns
    • Reward – Elegant Riposte Finishing Move
  • Get 5 Operator Headshot or Special Zombie Critical Kills with Shotguns
    • Reward – Reclaimer 18 Shotgun

Reclaimer 18 alternatives

If you’re looking to use an alternative Shotgun to the Reclaimer 18, give the Lockwood 680 a go, as it’s another close-range beast that packs a punch in every shot.

If you want something different that can still perform up close, the Superi 46 remains a top choice.

As you’ll be in tight spaces with this gun, make sure to use the best audio and FOV settings, which will maximize your chances of hearing and seeing enemies.