Former CoD dev mocks Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: “Is this a mobile game?”

Joseph Pascoulis
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A former Zombies developer for Infinity Ward is slamming Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode prior to launch, comparing it to a “mobile game.”

Modern Warfare 3 is on the horizon, and as players pour into the campaign for early access, those who prefer multiplayer and Zombies will have to wait until November 10.

While the multiplayer has impressed, with many enjoying the beta thanks to the classic maps and improved movement, some have been skeptical about the Zombies mode. MW3 Zombies is a unique take on the undead mode, as it combines elements of DMZ with Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak.

The open-world aspect is certainly an interesting component to throw into Zombies, and the fact that the mode is coming to Modern Warfare is also something that has never happened before. In fact, an ex-Infinity Ward developer who worked on Infinite Warfare Zombies was even told that the mode does not exist in the MW franchise.

Now, another developer from the Infinite Warfare Zombies team has shared their opinion on MW3 Zombies after the devs revealed gameplay from the different threat zones in the mode.

Brian Bright, the Project Director for Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode responded to gameplay of the undead mode coming to MW3 as he asked, “Is this a mobile game?”

While the comment isn’t exactly a huge opinion on MW3’s Zombies, it does say a lot about how Bright and perhaps the other Infinite Warfare Zombies team members feel about what the devs have done with the mode after being told it didn’t belong in the MW universe.

Clearly, Bright is mocking the mode, comparing the AAA title to a mobile game, perhaps feeling as if he and the others who worked on Infinite Warfare Zombies could have done a better job.

Some of the replies to Brian’s comment show just how tense the comment was, as one said, “Don’t be so bitter. Get over it,” while another commented, “I know that you’re upset about not being able to work on zombies but how does this look like a mobile game.”

That said, there are some who “wish IWZ got a follow up,” but it doesn’t seem like that will ever happen, especially after such comments.

We’ll have to wait and see what the community reaction is to MW3’s Zombies come November 10, but until then, check out how long the Modern Warfare 3 campaign takes to beat.

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