MW3 players give up on Zombies claiming devs “don’t care” anymore

Joseph Pascoulis
close up of zombie in mw3

MW3 players are fed up with the lack of Zombies mode content, as some in the community are so discouraged that they say they are giving up on the mode.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies got off to a flying start when the game first launched, as players were diving into the open-world undead experience, uncovering the secrets, Easter eggs, and defeating bosses.

While the mode was updated regularly at the start, giving players new content to enjoy, MW3 Zombies fans are disappointed with how things have been going with the mode recently, especially since the MW3 Season 2 update brought nothing for the undead mode.

This has led to some unhappy players on Reddit, as user ‘Wacky_grass’ said, “They need to update Zombies instead of just leaving it an unfinished mess.”

They explained further, “There is so much that could be done to make Zombies much better if the Devs actually had a clue.” They would like to see a “wallet like DMZ,” and also called for the devs to “lessen the time on schematics, and give us the ability to cut the time down by doing missions or something. No reason some items should take 3 days to come back that’s ridiculous.”

All in all, they felt the fun is being taken out of the game as the devs are more focused on taking out “glitches,” which, according to the user, actually made the game more fun.

They aren’t the only player who feels this way either, as the comments were filled with people who are dissatisfied with Zombies in MW3.

One player said, “Zombies is unstable, at least in my experience, was gonna try to get the camos but every few games it either freezes or crashes. I gave up at this point.”

As well as stability issues, some are more concerned with the lack of content. “I’m disappointed that they already came out and said they aren’t adding any more elite zombies or contracts to this year’s Zombies,” said one player, while another replied, “Yeah this game feels more and more like a money grab. They just don’t care.”

Hopefully, MW3 Season 2 Reloaded can spice things up for Zombies, or perhaps fans of the undead mode will have more to look forward to in Treyarch’s Call of Duty 2024.