MW3 Zombies players call for devs to remove frustratingly “boring” feature

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operator in Zombies mode

MW3 Zombies is the first living dead experience within the MW saga, allowing fans to survive on the Urzikstan map. However, many are calling devs to remove a frustratingly “boring” feature that doesn’t allow them to fully enjoy the mode.

Modern Warfare 3 received its first post-launch season on December 6 bringing a ton of content for players to enjoy. Among them, Zombies are set to receive new content like Dark Aether Rifts, as well as additional features to improve the overall experience.

However, since its launch players have been calling devs for a change that they believe would improve the mode significantly moving away from “boring constant redeployment.”

In a Reddit post, user Mullenexd stated: “Make mw3 zombies longer,” and added, “I hate the fact that you have just an hour why not an hour 1/2 or 2, it gets boring… we never have enough time.”

This request arises because the game mode provides 45 minutes of gameplay for players before they are required to execute an Exfil, similar to the DMZ, to preserve all acquired in-game items and grant them the chance to use them in their next deployments.

“By the time most of my teams get our weapon color up and our pack-a-punch, it’s time to evacuate. A longer timer would be great,” a user shared in the replies, agreeing with the OP with his request for an extension of playing time in the mode.

However, another player suggested a solution to this problem, “They should just create a playlist without a timer, or allow players to play private MWZ matches that allow for players to play without a time constraint.”

It remains uncertain whether Treyarch have any plans to change or remove the MW3 Zombies timer feature. However, the community is sure that extending the duration of the mode could significantly enhance the overall experience.

For more on the game, be sure to check out the new item preservation feature that could arrive at MW3 Zombies after major server complaints or the “significant” Exfil buffs planned for the mode.

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