MW3 Zombies devs confirm “significant” Exfil buffs

Max Candelarezi
Zombies player waiting for Exfil Helicopter

During a meeting with content creators on December 4, the MW3 Zombies devs announced significant changes to the mode’s Exfil to give players a “more hectic” experience.

Modern Warfare 3 offers players a complete experience, including a campaign with the return of fan-favorite characters, a revamped multiplayer, as well as the first iteration of the Zombies mode for the MW saga.

While this mode has been divided in reception, mainly for moving away from the mode’s traditional round-based system, many have enjoyed this new version of Zombies with plenty of content to unlock and obtain.

Since its launch, the mode has been positioned as one of the best and most fun ways to level up weapons and thus prepare them for the next chapter of Warzone Urzikstan. So, Treyarch have confirmed that they have some improvements in the pipeline set to enhance the mode’s Exfil in Season 1.

Popular Zombies content creator, MrDalekJD, shared on X that Treyarch are set to “increase the number of enemies that spawn at an Exfil” adding “more formidable enemies.”

Additionally, the Final Exfil, which takes place when the player decides to return to the lobby will “receive a SIGNIFICANT boost to enemy count and player types” to make the process “more hectic.”

In the game’s launch window, players found out that the MW3 Zombies Exfil process allowed them to gain a ton of XP and multiple weapon levels noticeably faster compared to multiplayer. However, given that this method became quite popular, the dev team decided to “reduce the number of Zombies that spawn at exfil locations” within the November 17 update.

Undoubtedly, this update brings great news for fans, as surviving Exfils in Zombies will now be a greater challenge, adding an extra layer of complexity and interest for players.

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