How long is MW3 campaign? Time to beat

Aryan Singh
Captain Price in Modern Warfare 3

MW3’s campaign reunited players with Task Force 141 to take on legendary villain Makarov but faced criticism for its time to beat. Here’s Modern Warfare 3’s campaign length.

Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign arrived ahead of the full launch, pitting players against classic Call of Duty villain Makarov while bringing new Open Combat missions and unlockable rewards. Call of Duty campaigns are usually short but entertaining blockbusters, however, MW3’s campaign received a ton of criticism for how short it was.

Even God of War’s Christopher Judge poked fun at MW3’s campaign at The Game Awards, saying, “my speech was actually longer than this year’s Call of Duty campaign,” but just how short was it? Here’s how long it’ll take to beat Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign.

Modern Warfare 3 campaign length & time to beat

captain price in Modern Warfare 3
Task Force 141 takes on Makarov in Modern Warfare 3’s campaign.

Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign takes between 4 and 7 hours to complete on Regular difficulty. The time to beat can vary based on the chosen difficulty level and the experience is likely to be longer for players eager to discover all the secrets in the campaign.

Modern Warfare 3’s campaign features a total of 15 missions to complete. The final number is slightly lesser than MW2’s 17 campaign missions.

In terms of variety, players visit locations around the globe along with certain areas in Verdansk. MW3’s campaign features multiple Open Combat missions, offering players additional freedom while approaching their objectives.

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