Call of Duty players slam Infinity Ward as former Director of Zombies speaks out

Joseph Pascoulis
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The former Director of Zombies for Infinite Warfare has spoken out about Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, causing players to slam studio Infinity Ward.

Modern Warfare 3’s beta is now over, so players will have to wait until the November 10 launch to get their hands on the multiplayer again. That said, come launch, there will be many more modes for players to enjoy, not just when it comes to the Multiplayer, but also Zombies, Campaign, and a major overhaul to Warzone.

Zombies is one of the most iconic Call of Duty modes of all time, creating a dedicated community of players who love the co-op PvE experience. The mode has gone through many iterations over the years, but for the first time ever, Zombies is coming to a Modern Warfare game.

Many are extremely excited to see this happen, however, a comment from the former Director of Zombies at Infinity Ward, Brian Bright, has left the community slamming Infinity Ward.

CoD fans slam Infinity Ward for Zombies decision

Infinity Ward are having a bit of a tough time when it comes to community feedback, as the player base feels they are widely ignored when it comes to their Call of Duty games. Now, players are slamming their decision-making with Zombies, as Brian Bright claimed that he was “told zombies do not belong in MW games.”

In response to a content creator expressing their appreciation for Brian Bright’s work on Infinite Warfare’s Zombies, specifically the Zombies in Spaceland map, Brian shared a little bit of developer insight.

According to Brian, he was told, presumably by an Infinity Ward member, that Zombies “do not belong in MW games,” but he then said, “now they are in MW3, lol.”

This has led to many comments under CharlieIntel’s post confused with Infinity Ward’s decision behind not adding Zombies to MW games earlier. TheGhostOfHope said, “They really came up with 2 versions of sh***y Spec Ops instead of doing something cool and unique with Zombies LMFAOOOOOO.”

Another comment read, “classic IW L like always,” with others also expressing frustration with Infinity Ward’s decision, “Whoever is the guy who callin the shots at IW and all the managements… need to be fired respectfully.”

That said, others actually agree with the decision, claiming that Zombies “don’t belong” in the Modern Warfare universe, mostly because they feel “open world zombies is MID.”

However, some feel that if Brian and the team behind Infinite Warfare Zombies were able to make a MW Zombies experience, it could have gone a long way, “Zombies in Spaceland is still one of the most fun zombies experience that wasn’t made by Treyarch.”

Unfortunately, this will likely never happen, but at least Zombies is finally making an appearance in Modern Warfare 3 come launch, as some probably thought it would never happen.

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