Slept-on XDefiant AR shreds enemies with rapid TTK

Joseph Pascoulis
xdefiant cleaners faction character behind cover releasing drone

One of XDefiant’s Assault Rifles is actually a meta option so long as you can be accurate, boasting an incredibly fast TTK if you manage to do so.

XDefiant‘s meta is currently dominated by Assault Rifles, as the ACR 6.8 is by far the most popular option in the game. While the ACR is great due to its reliable recoil and high damage, one of the game’s ARs is currently being overlooked, despite its ability to down enemies in one burst.

The M16A4 is a classic burst weapon seen in many shooters, namely Call of Duty. In XDefiant’s Preseason, it’s currently being outshined by the ACR 6.8 and AK-47, but after giving it a spin with our best M16A4 loadout, it needs to be taken seriously.

Mark Rubin, Executive Producer for XDefiant, made it clear how important headshots are with a post on X, and the M16A4 is living proof of that. Headshots with the M16A4 do 37 damage, making them vital to unlocking its full potential. Three headshots with the M16 will down all Factions in one burst apart from the Phantoms, who have 20 extra health.

Our best M16A4 build in XDefiant focuses on reducing recoil with the Precision Stock while improving damage with the Heavy Barrel. So, even without headshots, I was still dropping enemies extremely fast just by hitting my shots with the build.

Popular Youtuber iTemp agrees too, as his May 27 video highlighted the M16A4’s power, as he described it as “one of the fastest killing Assault Rifles in XDefiant.”

In the video, he demonstrates just how powerful the weapon is, with multiple clips of the M16A4 taking out enemies swiftly with a rapid TTK. iTemp also emphasized the importance of headshots, so make sure you’re aiming up when using the weapon.

Having the best controller settings is a major help when hitting headshots, as you want to feel as comfortable as possible. On top of that, if you’re on PC, make sure you’ve optimized your settings for performance too.

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