XDefiant dev addresses hit registration issue after major complaints

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant Echelon character

New multiplayer game releases usually come with some unexpected issues, and XDefiant was no exception due to its “ridiculous” hit registration. However, a dev was quick to address hit reg issues following player complaints.

XDefiant didn’t take long to break Ubisoft player count records after launch. This is made all the more impressive considering many players have pointed out an issue that significantly affects gameplay known as hit registration.

Hit reg relates to the game‘s capacity to detect the impact of bullets accurately. If it doesn’t function as intended, it messes with players’ visual perception in-game and allows enemies to dodge fire more easily.

In response to a post mentioning a community-driven petition to fix XDefiant‘s hit reg, Executive Producer Mark Rubin responded that they’re working to fix the issue. However, he didn’t share any date or timeframe for when this fix could arrive in the game.

This response should keep players hopeful after bringing attention to the hit reg problem on social media since the game’s launch. In a Reddit post before the dev response, players claimed that the “ridiculous” hit reg issue isn’t new, as it was present in the 2023 Beta version of XDefiant.

However, user Mysterious-Coyote-16 noted that XDefiant could be suffering from a collective problem, as hit reg is usually “bad in all [Ubisoft’s] shooters.”

Another user explained that while the game has positive elements, hit reg is one of the main mechanics a first-person shooter should nail, and the positives end up “overshadowed by a pretty glaring negative.”

We’ll be sure to update this article if and when new information about the hit reg issue in XDefiant is announced.

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