XDefiant Preseason Patch 1 update notes: Practice Zone returns, enemy health bar fix, more

Nathan Warby
XDefiant character firing Assault Rifle

Ubisoft have dropped XDefiant Preason Patch 1 to fix some major issues with the game and finally bring back the Practice Zone. Check out the full patch notes of everything included in the update.

XDefiant has finally arrived but the launch hasn’t been without its issues, as players were unable to access the Practice Zone and reported major server problems. Now, the devs have released the first Preseason Patch to address some of the biggest complaints.

Here are the complete patch notes for the XDefiant Preseason Patch 1 update.

XDefiant May 23 update patch notes

XDefiant players in Zone Control mode

Check out everything included in the XDefiant Preseason Patch 1 update below, as shared by Ubisoft in their official blog post:

Game Modes 

  • Sometimes players loading into the Practice Zone would spawn outside the world, in a hellscape, and now they (probably) will not. 


  • Fixed an issue where if the player died during the device deployment animation, their next deployed device would drop at their feet rather than be thrown as intended. 


  • That issue where you’d get hitmarkers on an enemy as they killed you, but their health bar still appeared full to you? The health bar display was wrong – you did damage them. Should be fixed now. 


  • Fixed an issue where end-of-match UI text would display with the wrong orientation in Arabic. 


  • We’ve turned the Practice Zone back on but it’s possible weird things could still happen. 
  • Fixed an issue that was causing low framerates with some AMD GPUs.

That was everything included in XDefiant Preseason Patch 1. Although it’s a fairly small update, players will be relieved to hear the Practice Zone is live again, giving them a place to test out the best weapons, loadouts, Factions, and more.

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