XDefiant players call for “common sense” change to infuriating collision system

Amitesh Dhar
XDefiant players running on a map

In XDefiant, bullets and gadgets fired by a player can collide with their teammates, causing major annoyance to players.

Teammate collision is turning into a problem for players in XDefiant. When you’re standing behind your teammate and tossing a grenade, or shooting at the enemy, these items are body-blocked by your ally.

In the absence of friendly fire, this collision system is also featured in games like Rainbow Six Siege, and shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, in XDefiant, your allies will block your bullets and your gadgets but your enemies can slide through you.

In a video shared on Reddit, a player is seen engaging the enemy in XDefiant from the cover of a door when their teammate decides to move into cover just as the OP tosses a grenade. The device bounces off the shoulder of the teammate and falls back into the room, eliminating the OP.

However, this isn’t the only instance of players talking about this friendly collision issue, there was another thread on Reddit where a player spoke about the very same issue.

In the replies, a player added, “I’m trying to get Blitz shield kills, and the fact that enemies can just run straight through me and shoot me in the back is wild” while another said, “It’s crazy how many time[s] I run into an enemy to surprise them and they are able to avoid dying by just running through me.”

This led to players to request the XDefiant dev team to flip the logic behind collisions, allowing teammates to pass through, and instead collide with the enemy in XDefiant. However, removing friendly collisions would subtract the sense of realism that the game currently offers to a certain degree.

The game does have a lot of issues including Shotgun inconsistency and the annoying Bunny Hop spam. However, considering how new the game is, and how communicative devs are, some fixes are already slated to arrive in upcoming patches, which allows the possibility for this collision issue to be addressed.

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