XDefiant players desperate for frustrating ability with “no place in the game” to be removed

Amitesh Dhar
XDefiant Spiderbot

The Spiderbot is a DedSec ability in XDefiant which makes you defenseless against enemy fire by stunning you. However, players find this annoying and desperately want this ability to be removed.

The only way to counter the Spiderbot is by shooting at it when it’s on your face, and even if you do so, there’s a chance that it might attack you again because of a bug.

Apart from stunning, you’ll also be slowed the moment it gets close to you, making it an ability that is a tad bit overpowered compared to others that are currently available in the game.

Reddit user ‘Connnooorr’ exclaimed that the Spiderbot had “no place in this game” and shared a video of them using the Phantom Ultra skill only to be stunned and eliminated by a Spiderbot, which led to massive frustration.

Other players shared their experience as well, and all unanimously agreed that the Spiderbot was extremely “annoying” in the game.

One player shared, “The Spiderbot is annoying, but being slowed before it actually attaches to you is even worse” while another added, “As someone who uses the Spiderbot as my main, I agree that it should be nerfed a bit.”

Others felt that nerfs wouldn’t fix the issue at hand and wanted it to be removed entirely. A player said, “
[It] should be changed to something else it’s not fun to use and also not fun to be against,” while a different player exclaimed, “Remove it from the game.”

While the Spiderbot is designed to counter other abilities in the game, players feel that it’s a cheap skill that guarantees a kill every 30 seconds in XDefiant in its current state.

With Season 1 arriving on July 2, players are hopeful that the developers will address the issue, just like they’ve adjusted the weapon XP and mastery problems.

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