Best audio settings in XDefiant: How to hear footsteps clearly

Nathan Warby
XDefiant players aiming weapons

Listening out for footsteps can give you a significant advantage in XDefiant, but you’ll need to make sure your audio settings are on point to hear them clearly. With this in mind, here are the best audio settings for XDefiant.

While running one of the best guns in XDefiant is crucial, you’ll still find yourself at a disadvantage if your settings aren’t up to scratch. This includes your controller setup to help your aim or your overall PC settings, but adjusting your audio to hear footsteps is equally important.

Here are the best audio settings to run in XDefiant.

XDefiant best audio settings

The most important rule when it comes to audio in XDefiant is to use headphones while playing. This will make listening out for directional sound cues and key information much easier compared to a regular TV or monitor speaker, making the whole experience much more immersive.

Once your headphones are on, here are the best audio settings in XDefiant:


  • Main Volume: 90
  • Dialogue Volume: 70
  • SFX Volume: 100
  • UI Volume: 10
  • Music Volume: 0
  • Mute Audio When Minimized: Off (PC only)

Voice chat

  • Voice Chat: On
  • Voice Chat Channel: Public
  • Voice Chat Volume: 70
  • Voice Chat Output: Headphones
  • Microphone: On
  • Voice Chat Mode: Push to Talk
  • Microphone Input: Headphones
  • Microphone Input Threshold: 20
  • Microphone Volume Boost: 20
Screenshot of best audio settings in XDefiant

Best XDefiant audio settings explained

Most of the audio settings in XDefiant come down to personal preference, but SFX Volume is the one you really need to prioritize. This decides how loud in-game effects, including footsteps will be, so it’s vital to have this cranked up to 100 in order to hear where the enemy is.

I also recommend turning the Music Volume all the way off, as it doesn’t add anything to the gameplay aside from creating tension and atmosphere, but it can drown out other key sound effects. Dialogue Volume isn’t quite as important, but characters occasionally shout out helpful information, so it’s worth turning it up loud enough to hear it.

When it comes to Voice Chat Settings, this will largely depend on how you play and who you play with. If you’re a solo player you can all but ignore these options, but if you’re squadding up adjust them so that you can clearly hear everyone in your party without obscuring the game volume.

Now that you’re all set with the right audio settings, you can turn your attention to your loadout. So, check out the best Assault Rifles, SMGs, and factions to go for.

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