Best skins in The Finals: Character & weapon skins ranked

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Glowy Bones Outfit in The Finals

The Finals offers plenty of weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations to equip in your loadouts. You can also unlock or buy several weapon skins and outfits for your build, so if you’re wondering about the best skins in The Finals, here are our top picks ranked.

Embark Studios’ brainchild The Finals had a stellar start to its journey, with over ten million players diving into its servers. The game features destructible buildings and structures, allowing you to play out unique scenarios while trying to secure the most cash in your matches.

Like most free-to-play titles, The Finals has a premium Battle Pass and various cosmetics in the in-game store. The weapon skins add vibrant colors or moving patterns, and you can also equip similarly themed skins on your character.

That said, if you’re looking to customize your character or weapon, here are some of the best skins in The Finals Season 1.

Types of skins in The Finals

You can unlock four types of skins in The Finals – Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. You can unlock them either by leveling up your Battle Pass or by simply purchasing from the store.

As the name suggests, Legendary skins are usually better and require higher levels or more Multibucks while purchasing. However, you shouldn’t sleep on other options available in the game.

Let’s find out our best picks for The Finals skins.

Best The Finals skins: Character & weapon skins ranked

7. Season 1 Starter Pack

AKM in the Season 1 Starter Pack in The Finals
The AKM is one of the most used weapons for Medium builds.
  • Bundle Price: 1,150 Multibucks ($10)
  • Weapon skins included: V9S (Light), AKM (Medium), M60 (Heavy)
  • Other items: Starting Lineup (Sticker), With Love (Gesture), 1,150 Multibucks

Season 1 Starter Pack made its way into the game with the start of Season 1 in The Finals, which began at the time of its global release. This bundle features skins for the three weapons that are available from the get-go for Light, Medium, and Heavy builds.

While the bundle doesn’t offer an impressive number of skins, if you’re looking to upgrade to the premium Battle Pass in The Finals, you should first purchase the Season 1 Starter Pack bundle.

The bundle offers 1,150 Multibucks, enough to purchase the Battle Pass or simply keep it in your wallet. In simple terms, this bundle pays for itself.

6. Urban Operative Set

Urban Operative Set in The Finals store
The Urban Operative Set is one of the most stylish skins in The Finals.
  • Bundle Price: 2,200 Multibucks (~$18)
  • Weapon skins included: FCAR (Medium)
  • Other items: All-Weather Jacket, SKILL.E.D. Racer (Helmet), Lace-Up Kickers, Weightlifting Gloves, Gun-Runner-Pants, Button-Down Bandolier, Totally Unimpressed (Emote), L.E.DECAL (Sticker), Chillaxin’ (Weapon Charm)

The Urban Operative bundle is available through The Finals store and was first seen during the Open Beta. The bundle allows you to customize your build from head to toe and also offers one of the only decent FCAR skins in The Finals Season 1.

5. Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette Lewis Gun weapon skins in The Finals Battle Pass
Mini Roulette can be used by Heavy builds only.
  • How to unlock: Reach Level 48 in the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • Weapon skin: Lewis Gun (Heavy)

The Mini Roulette is a black and gold-themed Lewis Gun skin for Heavy builds, and as the name suggests, it features a roulette wheel instead of the regular ammo chamber. This is likely the best skin for Lewis Gun in Season 1, and considering Lewis Gun is arguably the best weapon for Heavy builds, if you’re playing the big Contestant, you’ll end up using this skin a lot.

However, you’ll need to know the best ways to level up fast and earn XP in The Finals to reach Level 48.

4. Holtow Fine Print

Holtow Fine Print skin in The Finals
Holtow Fine Print is only available for the M11 which is one of the Light weapons.
  • Bundle Price: 850 Multibucks (~$8)
  • Weapon skin: M11 (Light)
  • Other items: Holtow Quote (Sticker)

The Holtow Fine Print would make it to the top of our list of best skins in The Finals if there are more additions to the bundle or a better base weapon skin. However, the Holtow Fine Print skin for the M11 is one of the most unique skins in any game, as it prints out a receipt of the enemy you last killed.

Once you secure a kill on an enemy using this, you’ll get a receipt to the left side of your M11 and you can view the name using the inspect option.

3. 52 Pickup

The Finals Throwing Knives 52 Pickup skin
52 Pickup is one of the most unique weapon skins in The Finals.
  • How to unlock: Reach Level 56 in the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • Weapon: Throwing Knives (Light)

There’s no denying that the 52 Pickup is one of the best weapon skins in The Finals despite Throwing Knives being one of the least-used weapons for Light builds. Like the Mini Roulette, this skin also has a black and gold theme, with the two knives designed as playing cards.

2. Glowy Bones

Glowy Bones Bundle in The Finals
Glowy Bones is a Legendary bundle in The Finals.
  • Bundle Price: 2,200 Multibucks (~$18)
  • Weapon skin: M11 (Light)
  • Other items: Kangaroo Hoodie, Grin Gleamer (black skull mask), Joggers, Chunky Wedge Trainers, Fingerless Gloves, Clever Chronometer, Ghoulish Allure (Weapon Charm), Smoldering Sockets (Sticker), Get Aheadstone (Emote)

The Glowy Bones is undoubtedly one of the best skin bundles in The Finals Season 1, largely due to its headwear, the black mask with green smoke coming out from the eyes. Equipping the Glowy Bones will make you stand out instantly, which is why it’s also one of the most expensive bundles in the title.

1. Captain Saucerian

The Finals Captain Saucerian Green Alien Skin in The Finals
The Finals features Alien Invasion events during matches as well.
  • How to unlock: Reach Level 80 in the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • Skin: Green alien outfit

Captain Saucerian, the green alien character skin, takes the crown in our best skins in The Finals list. This bright green outfit will make you stand out in the arena. It takes a lot of XP, essentially playing the game, to reach Level 80 in the Battle Pass, so if you’ve unlocked this skin, everyone in the server will know that you’ve been putting in the work, and someone to be feared.

You’ll also unlock the Beam Bye-Bye (alien abduction Emote) at Level 72, which will work well in tandem with Captain Saucerian.

So there you have it! Those were our picks for the best skins in The Finals. For more content on the game, be sure to check these out:

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