How to level up fast in The Finals: Best Battle Pass XP farming methods

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The Finals is a free-to-play title and in-game rewards such as skins are tied to your ability to earn XP and gain levels. To help you complete the Battle Pass, level up your account, and earn a wide range of cosmetics, here’s how to get XP and level up quickly in The Finals.

The Finals is a popular free-to-play game that made a massive splash with its first season. Now, Season 2 has arrived and the devs have littered the update with new content to enjoy.

As well as new weapons, Gadgets, Specializations, and even a new mode, the Season 2 update also brought a fresh Battle Pass with a bunch of new rewards. There are many levels and rewards to get through, and you can do so by gaining XP.

For those looking to complete The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass as quickly as possible, and grind the account levels, let’s take a look at the best ways to get XP and level up fast in The Finals.

The Finals gameplay
The Finals has several game modes with slightly different objectives to win the game.

Best XP farming methods for The Finals Battle Pass

Finish matches quickly in The Finals

Completing your matches in The Finals quickly means that you’ll get the most XP in the least amount of time and here are some tips to do so:

  • Focus on completing objectives instead of kills because the latter doesn’t technically win you games.
  • Light players can boost their mobility and cover long distances with specializations such as Evasive Dash. Also, the Cloaking Device (invisibility) will help you sneak past your opponents.
  • Jump Pads can be used by Medium build players to quickly get to the Cashout Points after collecting the loot from vaults.
  • To increase your survivability and avoid being taken out by surprise, use Gadgets like gas mines while securing the Coins in modes like Bank It and Cashout Boxes in other modes.

Complete Daily & Weekly Contracts

Right beside the Battle Pass tab in The Finals, you’ll find Daily and Weekly Contracts which are small objectives you can complete for XP during matches.

New Daily Contracts are released every 24 hours while Weekly Contracts reset every week. Dailys are less time-consuming, while weekly challenges will be tougher to complete. On top of this, there are Bonus Contracts in The Finals that grant bonus XP as you complete a certain number of Contracts in a day or a week.

Because Daily challenges are straightforward, we recommend taking some time out to complete them regularly. Missing out on the XP from them will hurt you in the long run, especially towards the end of Season 1, if you haven’t finished leveling up your Battle Pass.

Best mode to farm XP in The Finals

Bank It is the best mode to farm XP in The Finals. This is because it is fast-paced and you can quickly complete the objectives related to collecting and depositing cash. Winning the game obviously grants the most XP, so be careful about not becoming a sought-after target by hoarding a lot of cash/coins.

Depositing $40,000 ends a Bank It game and your aim should be to complete it before the fixed duration for a match.

The Finals contestants heading into battle
There are three unique classes that you can play in The Finals.

XP from The Finals Tournament mode explained

The Tournament (Ranked and Non-Ranked) modes in The Finals are also brilliant for gaining a ton of XP. You can make the most of this only with a proper team and communication. The XP you get by reaching the final stages of a tournament is more than any other XP reward in the game.

Players aiming to excel in the Ranked modes in The Finals without a proper team will find these tips handy for solo play:

  • As a Medium player, rely on items like the Defibrillator to instantly hand out revives to teammates.
  • Light build players who lack team support can utilize the Cloaking Device, Evasive Dash, and Stun Gun to quickly get out of sticky situations on their own.
  • Heavy build players can rely on the Charge ‘N’ Slam to distract enemies from objectives and destroy buildings.

Having said that, if you’re not confident about your team’s ability to get past the first two stages of a tournament consistently, relying on Bank It for XP might be better.

Overall, finishing matches as quickly as possible, completing weekly, daily, and bonus challenges, and playing fast-paced modes like Bank It are some of the best ways to level up fast in The Finals. We’ll update this with more tips and tricks as we discover them, so make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

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