Best The Finals controller settings: Layout, sensitivity, aim assist, more

Nikhil Bahuguna
The FInals Power Shift mode gameplay

The Finals Season 2 has arrived with new Gadgets, Specializations, and weapons and you can expect the meta to shake up immensely. To help you climb the ranks without trouble, here are the best The Finals controller settings such as sensitivity, aim assist, look boost, and more.

The Finals has entered Season 2 meaning you can get your hands on exciting cosmetics through the Battle Pass and try out a wide range of new weapons, game mode, and items.

The Ranked Tournament has also received a few tweaks, but at its core, the game is still about surviving in the destructible environments and ensuring your team gets the most cash. In such a competitive setting, tweaking all your settings for optimal gameplay is very important.

So, here are the best The Finals controller settings for Season 2.

Aerial strike on a building in The Finals
Vertical aiming is crucial to finish off mobile enemies in The Finals.

Best The Finals controller settings

We’ve listed all the best controller settings for The Finals in the table below:

Look Sensitivity Horizontal300
Look Sensitivity Vertical240
Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier50%
Focal Length Sensitivity ScalingOn
Horizontal Look Boost200
Vertical Look Boost0
Look Boost Ramp Up Time0.5
Controller Zoom Horizontal Look Boost40
Controller Zoom Vertical Look Boost40
Controller Zoom Look Boost Ramp Up Time1
Aiming Inner Deadzone10
Movement Inner Deadzone15
Invert Vertical Look InputOff
Look Response CurveExponential
Look Acceleration0%
Controller PresetEquipment Wheel
Sprint Behavior Toggle (Subjective)
Crouch BehaviorToggle (Subjective)
Zoom BehaviorHold (Subjective)
Aim AssistOn
Sensitivity ReductionOn
Target TrackingOn
Zoom SnappingOn

The Finals requires you to move around a lot while tracking enemies on the ground as well as the air. So, keeping your sensitivity higher than usual will help you keep up with the mouse and keyboard players, especially if you have crossplay enabled.

So there you have it! Those are all the controller settings you need to tweak in The Finals. For more content on The Finals, be sure to check out the following:

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