Best The Finals PC settings: High FPS, resolution, graphics, more

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The Finals character holding anti gravity cube.

The Finals has finally entered Season 2 with a ton of new content including a game mode, new weapons, Gadgets, and more. Your settings have a major impact on the overall experience, so here’s a rundown of the best The Finals PC settings in Season 2 for audio, video, gameplay, and crosshair.

Be it Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, or The Finals, you’d want to optimize your in-game settings to the core. This is because these multiplayer titles are extremely competitive as well as fast-paced and even the slightest lag or audio disruption can ruin the game for you.

The Finals Season 2 is here with a lot of new mechanics that are bound to shake up the meta. The Ranked mode has undergone some changes as well, and to help you climb the ranks, here are the best video, audio, gameplay, and crosshair settings for The Finals Season 2.

the finals player with an AKM assault rifle
The Finals is action-packed and relies heavily on quick movement to hoard money.

The Finals best video settings for PC

We’ve listed the best settings to maximize your FPS while playing The Finals in the table below.

Window ModeFullscreen
ResolutionYour monitor’s native resolution
NVIDIA Reflext Low LatencyOn
Resolution Scaling MethodNVIDIA DLSS
NVIDIA DLSSUltra Performance
Field of View100
Motion BlurDisabled
Lens DistortionDisabled
Ray TracingStatic
Overall Quality LevelCustom
View DistanceMedium
Global Illumination ResolutionMedium

The Finals best audio settings for PC

Here are the best audio settings for The Finals you can use while playing the game on your PC:

Master Volume70
Music Volume40
SFX Volume100
Dialogue Volume40
Subtitle Text SizeSmall
Subtitle Background Opacity0
Enable Voice ChatOn
ModePush To Talk
Voice Chat Output Volume70
aerial strikes happening in The Finals map
The Finals became one of the most-played games on Steam during its Open Beta and launch.

The Finals best gameplay settings for PC

Use Enemy Team ColorsOff
Matchmaking RegionYour Region

The Finals best crosshair settings for PC

While you can experiment with the crosshair in The Finals and set it to your liking, we suggest rocking the following crosshair settings for maximum visibility across different parts of the map:

Outline Width1
Red Outline0
Green Outline0
Blue Outline0
Center DotOn
Center Dot Radius1

So there you have it! Those are the best settings for The Finals on PC. For more content on similar FPS titles, be sure to check out the following:

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