Best Gadgets in The Finals: Every Season 1 Gadget ranked

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The Finals is off to a great start and can offer intense and fast-paced gunfights. Aside from this, you can choose between several Gadgets to optimize your loadout, so if you’re wondering which are the best Gadgets in The Finals, we’ve ranked Light, Medium, and Heavy builds’ Gadgets for Season 1.

The Finals received a stealth launch on December 7, 2023, after an impressive Open Beta that constantly surpassed Call of Duty‘s player count on Steam. There’s no denying that Embark Studios’ game has great potential, featuring destructible environments, unique weapons, abilities (Specializations), and a lot more.

Of course, like most FPS titles, the utility you carry has a significant impact on your ability to initiate, escape, or outplay your opponents during a fight. These grenades and other utility items are called Gadgets in The Finals, and they can damage and reveal enemies, along with providing cover during crunch situations.

That said, if you’re looking to find out the best Gadgets in The Finals, we’ve ranked every Gadget available in Season 1 for each build below.

The Finals Medium build loadout
You can edit loadouts for every build and swap with desired items if they’re unlocked.

Every The Finals Gadget ranked

There are 12 Gadgets for Light, 14 for Medium, and 11 for Heavy builds in The Finals Season 1. Among these Gadgets, the Goo, Frag, Flashbang, Pyro, and Gas grenades are available across all three builds.

Let’s find out the best Gadgets for each class in The Finals.

Best Gadgets for Light builds in The Finals: Ranked list

Here are the best Gadgets for Light builds in The Finals, ranked from best to worst in our list:

  1. Glitch Grenade
  2. Stun Gun
  3. Vanishing Bomb
  4. Breach Charge
  5. Flashbang
  6. Thermal Vision
  7. Frag Grenade
  8. Pyro Grenade
  9. Goo Grenade
  10. Smoke Grenade
  11. Gas Grenade
  12. Motion Sensor

Top Gadget picks for Light Contestants

3. Vanishing Bomb

Vanishing Bomb in The Finals
An underrated Gadget for Light builds.

Vanishing Bomb provides an instant cloak in a small area of effect, like the Cloaking Device, and has been slept on by many in the community. While you can use this to surprise your enemies or quickly get out of tricky situations, one of the biggest advantages of running this Gadget is its ability to cloak your entire team.

If your communication is on point while playing with your teammates, you can group up and use the Vanishing Bomb to sneak up on objectives or enemy teams.

2. Stun Gun

Stun Gun in The Finals
Stun Gun will be useful for Light players, especially for 1v1 situations.

The Stun Gun is an excellent Gadget for the Light builds in The Finals, as it allows you to stun your opponents from a close range, immobilizing them for a few seconds. Additionally, it cancels the action being performed by the enemy, like revives or Heavies trying to launch RPGs.

With your enemies slowed down significantly, it’ll be easy for you to land all your shots, allowing you to lay waste to them in no time.

1. Glitch Grenade

Glitch Grenade for Light builds in The Finals
Firing your entire mag after glitching an enemy will allow you to finish them off quickly.

The Glitch Grenade tops our list of best Gadgets for Light builds in The Finals and as the name suggests, it glitches/disables all the enemy utilities and abilities like the Healing Beam, various mines, and Heavy shields.

The Light class is best used when you can shred your enemies and get away quickly. With opponents guarding themselves using the shields, it can be extremely challenging for a Light player to be effective. This is one of the primary reasons to always equip Glitch Grenade in your Light loadout.

Best Gadgets for Medium builds in The Finals: Ranked list

Here are the best Gadgets for Medium builds in The Finals, ranked from best to worst in our list:

  1. Defibrillator
  2. Jump Pad
  3. Gas Mine
  4. Zipline
  5. Frag Grenade
  6. APS Turret
  7. Gas Grenade
  8. Explosive Mine
  9. Flashbang
  10. Pyro Grenade
  11. Goo Grenade
  12. Sonar Grenade
  13. Glitch Trap
  14. Tracking Dart

Top Gadget picks for Medium Contestants

3. Gas Mine

Gas Mine in The Finals
You get two rechargeable Gas Mines that can deal a lot of damage in closed spaces.

Gas Mines in the Medium loadout come in handy while controlling an area or objective. When an enemy is close to the Gas Mine, it triggers and releases a toxic gas that deals damage. The more time you spend in the gas, the more damage you take.

Keep in mind that the mines can be destroyed or glitched by the enemies, so it’s best to place them carefully around entrances or Cashout points. If the enemies are low after a team fight and trigger the Gas Mines near the objective, they’ll die and you’ll be able to successfully stall or secure the objective.

2. Jump Pad

The Finals Jump Pad
Jump Pads are critical to acquire high-ground advantage and get into better positions.

Many can argue that Jump Pad is the best Gadget for Medium builds in The Finals, largely due to its ability to instantly allow you to reach high ground or escape during unfavorable engagements. Your teammates can use the Jump Pads as well, and if you’re creative enough, you can use them on different parts of the maps to throw off enemy movements.

For instance, a well-placed Jump Pad in a choke point or next to a Cashout point will surprise most enemies, allowing you to possibly finish them off by the time they figure out what’s happening.

1. Defibrillator

Defibrillator in The Finals for Medium builds
Defibrillator might be the best Gadget across all three builds in The Finals.

There’s no denying that the Defibrillator is the best Medium Gadget in The Finals, thanks to its ability to instantly bring back your teammates. Using the Defibrillator, you can revive one teammate instantly after a quick charge, unlike the five-second revive that requires you to stay still and unarmed during that period.

Keep in mind that the Defibrillator has a long cooldown/recharge time. However, if there are two or more Medium builds in your team, you can provide instant revives instead of waiting for 20 seconds or longer respawn times.

All in all, The Finals is a team game and the Defibrillator should be your go-to Gadget, especially while playing the Tournament modes, as you have limited respawn tokens in both casual and Ranked Tournaments.

Best Gadgets for Heavy builds in The Finals: Ranked list

Here are the best Gadgets for Heavy builds in The Finals, ranked from best to worst in our list:

  1. C4
  2. RPG-7
  3. Dome Shield
  4. Frag Grenade
  5. Gas Grenade
  6. Pyro Grenade
  7. Flashbang
  8. Goo Grenade
  9. Barricade
  10. Explosive Mine
  11. Pyro Mine

Top Gadget picks for Heavy Contestants

3. Dome Shield

Dome Shield in The Finals
Shields make the Heavy build extremely difficult to take down from long ranges.

The Dome Shield is a 300 HP bubble that blocks all incoming damage except for toxic gas. This Gadget will be super useful while reviving your allies, outplaying your opponents by playing around the shield, or escaping an unfavorable gunfight.

The small bubble will protect all the teammates inside it for a short time, which can allow you to catch a breather and reset during intense combat.

2. RPG-7

RPG-7 in The Finals for Heavy
RPG-7 deals a ton of damage, capable of deleting enemies in an instant upon direct hit.

Heavy isn’t as fast as Light and Medium classes, and on top of this, there are no Gadgets that help provide mobility to the build. However, the RPG-7 will allow you to obliterate targeted areas, breaking down structures and bringing down anyone standing in the area with it.

Additionally, it can one-shot Lights and has an impressive AOE damage, that can help you finish off opponents in quick succession, especially when they’re grouped up.

1. C4

C4 for Heavy builds in The Finals
You have a couple of C4s at once and they recharge with time.

C4 is undoubtedly the best Gadget for Heavy builds in The Finals. The primary reason for the C4 topping our Heavy list is its versatility, enabling you to create detonable nukes by putting C4s on barrels. While this is one of the best ways to initiate fights in the game, it can also be used to one-shot Lights and Medium in close to medium ranges.

Additionally, you can destroy most areas on the maps using the C4s, which will allow you to catch enemies off-guard or simply reposition to a better vantage point while securing the objective.

So there you have it! That concludes our list of best Gadgets in The Finals for Light, Medium, and Heavy builds.

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