Can you join all factions in Starfield at once?

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield Crimson Fleet

Joining various factions and taking on their questlines is one of the best activities to do in Starfield. As you would want to move up the ranks in the factions and earn extremely valuable credits, here’s whether you can join all the factions at once in the game.

Earning credits and experience is extremely important to survive in the Settled Systems and boost your progress in Starfield, you can join a faction. While some factions like the Crimson Fleet are space pirates, others like the Freestar Collective work for freedom.

Based on your playstyle and beliefs, you’ll be able to join these factions and complete missions for them. This hands out a ton of exciting rewards involving Credits that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

For the most ambitious explorers out there, here’s everything to know about joining all the factions in Starfield at once.

Is it possible to join all the factions in Starfield at once?

Technically, yes, you can join all the factions in Starfield at once. Starfield has been made pretty nicely, where one faction’s activities do not hamper another. You will be able to complete their jobs quite smoothly without any hindrance or bad blood from other factions.

However, once you progress further enough into the game, you will find yourself in a bit of turmoil. Later on, the United Colonies and the Crimson Fleet factions engage in a bitter crisis as the former wants to destroy the latter. As a result, you might need to choose sides or make multiple saves to see through the process.

Tuala in Starfield
You will have to pass through a certain test or some quests to join the factions.

Joining factions in the game involves completing a quest or a questline for each of them. Open your mission log and go to the Faction tab to reveal all the faction missions. Look at their emblems and pick your missions in order to start their quests.

You will join the Constellation faction as a part of your main quest automatically. So, you won’t need to go out of your way to try and join it. However, for the rest of the four factions, you will either have to go through a test or quests to join them.

There are a lot of immersive exploration opportunities that are also related to the game’s lore in these factions. So, going through all the factions and their missions might not be a bad idea in the game.

So, that answers the question regarding whether you can join all Starfield factions at once. If you wish to learn more about the game, check these out:

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