Starfield: Best spacesuits & how to get them

Nathan Warby
Starborn Astra spacesuit in Starfield

Spacesuits in Starfield are some of the most essential items you need for both exploration and combat. Alongside acting as armor, spacesuits also save you from the harmful atmosphere in space, so here are the best spacesuits in Starfield and how to get them.

Starfield has been quite successful in appealing to RPG enthusiasts, as the game has a plethora of planets to explore and space stations to discover. Each unique planet comes with atmospheric conditions that can hit your character with status effects.

However, equipping the right spacesuits will save you from all of them, as alongside providing you support during combat, it will also save you from any kind of atmosphere while exploring the massive galaxy.

With this in mind, here are the best spacesuits in Starfield and how to get hold of them.

Best spacesuits in Starfield

Each Starfield spacesuit comes with its own unique set of stats. Some will favor physical resistance to protect you from incoming bullets, while others are more useful for exploring planets with extreme temperatures.

Certain spacesuits even offer unique perks that can drastically change how you play the game. Ultimately, it’s all about picking the suit that fits your playstyle, but there are plenty of top-tier options to be found.

Here are the best spacesuits in Starfield.

Mark 1 Spacesuit

Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield
The Mark I Spacesuit in Starfield combines great stats with excellent value.

One of Starfield’s best spacesuits, the Mark 1, actually reveals itself fairly early in the game if you’re willing to look hard enough. It can be found in the basement of The Lodge, Constellation’s home base in New Atlantis.

It is displayed on a mannequin but is guarded by a Master Lock that requires a high Lockpicking skill to open. However, players have found an easy method of stealing the suit early in the game without having to tackle the lock.

The Mark 1 Spacesuit offers very strong protection against all kinds of weapons, including Laser Rifles, and even comes with 20 and 30 thermal and corrosive protection, respectively. Overall, this a great all-round option that will serve players well in Starfield for most of their playthrough.

UC Vanguard Spacesuit

UC Vanguard suit in Starfield.
The UC Vanguard suit bears a resemblance to the Kamen Rider suit.

The UC Vanguard is one of four factions you can join in the game, offering a variety of tasks to complete. After you finish the second task in the faction’s questline, known as “Grunt Work,” you’ll receive the UC Vanguard armor in Starfield. This armor design bears a striking resemblance to the Kamen Rider suit and reflects the typical design and colors seen on the United Colonies Space Marines banner.

The UC Vanguard armor offers 64 points of damage protection, 15 points of thermal protection, 30 points of airborne protection, and 15 points of radiation protection. This makes it a versatile spacesuit that’s worth wearing. Its radiation protection makes it an ideal choice for exploring radiated planets and plains.

Mantis Spacesuit

Starfield character wearing Mantis spacesuit
The Mantis is a great suit when you are dealing with heavy guns.

The Mantis is one of the most unique-looking spacesuits in Starfield, but it also happens to be one of the best. It comes with an impressive 116 Physical resistance and 100 Electromagnetic, making it ideal for most combat encounters where you’re expecting heavy fire.

It can be earned by completing the Mantis quest, which is unlocked after the “Secret Outpost” Datapad drops from a Spacer at random. It sends players on a long journey to find the titular vigilante’s lair, but you’ll be handsomely rewarded with one of the best spacesuits in Starfield.

Experimental Nishina Spacesuit

Experimental Nishina Spacesuit in Starfield
The Experimental Nishina Spacesuit in Starfield is tied to a crucial in-game choice.

Acquiring the Experimental Nishina Spacesuit will take a bit of hard work, as players will have to progress deep into Starfield’s main story. However, its resistance and perks are more than worth it. The spacesuit offers 89 Physical, 121 Energy, and 105 Electromagnetic resistances. Beyond the stats, its useful Auto-Medic perk automatically uses a health pack at critical health levels.

To earn the spacesuit, players must save the universe in which the Nishina Research Station is intact during the Entangled quest.

Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

The Bounty Hunter suit has more physical resistance than the Mantis suit.

The Mantis quest is actually home to two of Starfield’s best spacesuits, as the Bounty Hunter set can also be earned on the same mission. While exploring the Mantis’s lair, the Bounty Hunter spacesuit is hiding at the bottom of the stairs.

This is much easier to skip past than the Mantis suit itself, but it’s well worth taking the time to track the extra armor too. It provides 128, 132, and 136 resistance for PHY, ENGY, and EM, respectively, making it one of the best options in the game when it comes to combat.

It’s no slouch when it comes to exploring either, with 15 across all four resistance types. Once you find the Bounty Hunter spacesuit, it’s unlikely you’ll need to upgrade for quite some time.

Mercury Spacesuit

Mercury spacesuit in Starfield
The Mercury spacesuit can be found on a familiar planet.

If you’re looking for an all-around spacesuit to carry you through the late game in Starfield, look no further than the Mercury armor. While earning it can take some time, the reward is damage resistance of 90+ and 25 protection from every environmental hazard.

The Mercury spacesuit is tucked away in the Nova Galactic Base on Earth, but players will need to follow the Unhearted questline. Eventually, after coming across The Hunter and Emissary Starborn, you’ll be awarded the Moon Base Key, and you’ll find the armor inside.

Trackers Alliance Spacesuit

You can get the Trackers Alliance is one of the most commonly available suit in the game.

The Trackers Alliance Spacesuit is a widely available piece of gear with some of the highest stats in the game. It boasts a physical resistance of 144, an energy resistance of 112, and an electromagnetic resistance of 128. When you’re wearing this suit, you’re essentially a walking fortress.

You can acquire this suit in a couple of ways. It can be found as a random drop during your adventures. Alternatively, you can locate it at The Key during the Crimson Quest questline. While it may not be the most visually striking piece of equipment, it is quite effective.

Peacemaker Spacesuit

Peacemaker Spacesuit in Starfield.
Players also get the Peacemaker effect when they acquire the Peacemaker suit.

The Peacemaker Spacesuit in Starfield, despite not being the strongest, is a remarkable armor that can be obtained in the middle stages of the game. To get this suit, you need to visit Eleos Retreat and start the mission available there.

With a physical resistance of 73, energy resistance of 28, and electromagnetic resistance of 81 paired with the Peacemaker rare effect which causes rifles to do 10% additional damage, the Peacemaker Spacesuit is almost an allrounder.

Tardigrade Monster Costume

Tardigrade Monster Costume in Starfield
The Tardigrade Monster Costume does not offer much protection.

The Tardigrade Monster Costume is a fun spacesuit that can be earned by completing the “Tourists Go Home” mission on Titan, one of Saturn’s Moons, which see players putting on horrific outfits and scaring travelers.

It’s worth noting that the Tardigrade Monster Costume has relatively modest stats with just 50 protection, and it doesn’t offer any additional benefits. However, it will shake up your playthrough as NPC characters will constantly comment on the suit and how interesting they find it.

With this in mind, we only recommend running the Tardigrade Monster Costume in Starfield if you like a challenge and want a more lighthearted journey through the galaxy.

Starborn Spacesuit Venator

Venator Starborn Space Suit
The Venator suit is the ultimate equipment in Starfield, there’s nothing of a higher tier.

With 246 Physical resistance, 246 Energy resistance, 246 EM resistance, and 50 all environmental resistances, it is definitely the ultimate spacesuit in Starfield. But the requirements to earn it are a whopping 10 completions of the Starfield Main Quest, meaning one normal run and nine New Game+ runs.

That’s right, you need to finish the game 10 times to acquire this spacesuit. But it might be worth it, as this Legendary set has the maximum possible resistance of all the equipment you can find.

Additionally, it offers the Resource Hauler Perk, which reduces resource weight by 25 %, and the Ablative Perk, which reduces incoming damage by 15%. Both of them are top-notch perks. To top that off, it comes with the Headhunter Perk, which makes you deal 25% more damage on the next attack after you hit an enemy’s head/weak spot.

There you have it! Those were the best spacesuits in Starfield that should help you survive in the depths of space.

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