How to make money fast in Gray Zone Warfare

Lucas Simons
Squad looting corpses in Gray Zone Warfare

You will need a lot of money to buy the best utilities, weapons, and accessories in Gray Zone Warfare. So here’s how to make money fast in this extraction tactical shooter.

Gray Zone Warfare has an incredibly realistic approach to tactical combat, and many players have fallen trying to explore the ruthless Lamang Island. To survive the perilous missions the game will task you with, you need the best equipment, and for that, you need money.

On that note, here’s how to make money fast in Gray Zone Warfare.

Best ways to earn money fast in Gray Zone Warfare

To make money fast in Gray Zone Warfare, you can farm weapons, complete missions, or loot cash containers. So the fastest way is to follow a farming route, which you can do by following groups of players and looting what they leave behind.

Scavenging can also be a great way to make money fast, more so if you are desperately in need of re-acquiring lost equipment.

Cash Register in Gray Zone Warfare
Many players ignore Cash Registers, but they are a great way to earn money fast.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your money earning in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Try to complete the ‘Leave No Man Behind‘ task from Gunny, as it will grant you a great backpack that can carry up to 3 big weapons.
  • When looting weapons, inspect them and select ‘Unload,’ as cartridges are worth only a couple of bucks, and expelling the magazine will save space when placing them in the backpack,
  • Check every cash register in shops. Most players seem to ignore these, but they usually contain between 100 and 500 dollars. Money clips can also be safely stowed in your safe storage for up to 200000 total (50 K each square).
  • Check containers. Drawers, large wooden crates, or blue crates marked with the UNLR distinctive.
  • Pressing Left Ctrl+Right Click will place the item directly on your available inventory slots, so you can loot fast and prevent enemies from catching you off-guard.
  • Follow a safe extraction route, that way you can prevent losing money and valuables.

Keep in mind that loot in containers has a few seconds of delay to appear, the same can happen when you loot another player’s corpse, or yours. So wait a few seconds before closing the prompt window, and the loot will appear. If nothing happens after five seconds, then the container is empty.

And that’s how to make money fast in Gray Zone Warfare. For more information and guides on this tactical shooter, you can refer to these links:

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