Starfield Boost Pack explained: How to get & use jetpack

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Starfield character using Boost Pack

Boost Packs come in handy in Starfield to not just roam around but also to explore dangerous environments. Here’s everything you need to know about Boost Packs and how to use their jetpacks in Starfield.

Starfield allows players to explore and discover over 1,000 planets scattered across the galaxy. With players completing quests and forging alliances with various factions, they’ll also need the proper tools to survive during their space exploration.

Boost Packs are key components of the Pack, which are used to propel players and give them small boosts, just like a jetpack. They are further upgraded using the skill tree and will enable you to buff different abilities.

With that said, here’s all you need to know about the various Boost Packs in Starfield and how to unlock them.

How to unlock Boost Pack in Starfield

The first thing to do in order to get the Boost Pack in Starfield is to unlock the Boost Pack Training skill. This can be found in the Tech skill tree after you reach Level 2 and requires just one skill point, so it can be unlocked right away after the introduction missions.

Then, the next step is to get hold of a backpack that has boosters equipped. Players can easily find one of these by following the story until they meet Sarah Morgan in New Atlantis. As part of the main questline, she will ask you to join Constellation, and you’ll be rewarded with the Constellation Backpack.

Player using the boost pack to propel forward on a planet in Starfield
The Boost Pack is a vital tool in Starfield.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a Boost Pack in Starfield:

  1. Reach Level 2 in Starfield.
  2. Use a skill point to unlock Boost Pack Training in the Tech tree.
  3. Play the main story until you join Constellation.
  4. Equip the Constellation Backpack.

This is the first backpack in Starfield that offers the Boost Pack, but it can swapped out or upgraded later down the line to improve the boosters or increase the storage.

How to use Boost Pack in Starfield

To use the Boost Pack in Starfield, simply jump into the air and then press the jump button again. This deploys the jetpack and allows you to cover larger distances by propelling yourself into the air.

Holding the jump button will use fuel to keep the Boost Pack active until it runs out, allowing you to fly higher and for longer. This is ideal for reaching locations that would normally be out of reach or breaking your fall before you hit the ground.

You’ll be able to improve your Boost Pack as you get skill points and spend them on your training skills. Here are the abilities you’ll unlock when improving your Boost Pack Training Rank:

  • Rank 1: Ability to use Boost Packs.
  • Rank 2: Using a Boost Pack costs less fuel.
  • Rank 3: Grants quicker Boost Pack fuel regeneration.
  • Rank 4: Grants double bonuses from the previous ranks.

Starfield: All Boost Pack types explained

Starfield’s Boost Packs are divided into four categories, all with different strengths and weaknesses. The four types can help you navigate different planets and will be essential to face their unique environmental conditions. Here’s a list of all four Boost Pack types in Starfield.

  • Basic Boost Pack: Even if these generate the smallest amount of lift, Basic Boost Packs are the default type you’re going to get. These tools are essential to save players from long falls, and they do very well for the minimal amount of fuel they spend.
  • Skip Capacity Boost Pack: This type offers 50% faster Boost regeneration with no added cost, and it’s extremely useful for maintaining a stable oxygen supply that lets you spend more time wandering around in hostile environments.
  • Balanced Boost Pack: Regarded as the best type of Boost Packs in Starfield, the Balanced Boost Pack gives you more lift and forward momentum with a balanced power output.
  • Power Boost Pack: Power Boost Packs are great to have some fun on low-gravity planets since they provide the highest lift. These types of Boost Packs are great in combat since they allow you to easily flank your enemies, but every movement is fuel-hungry and will empty your tank in a matter of minutes.
Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno Pack
The Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno Pack is one of the best Basic Boost Packs in Starfield.

Best Boost Packs in Starfield

Packs are required for space exploration in Starfield, and they can be upgraded to get more tools while navigating planets on foot. Here’s a list of the best Boost Packs and their stats in Starfield:

Boost PackWeightThermalAirborneCorrosiveRadiationEnergyEMPhysPack Value
Constellation Pack6.52001002331392680
Bounty Hunter Track Pack10.82000105664726785
Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno Pack8.81000204246443835
Bounty Hunter Seek Pack10.8055207264566785
Reactive Mantis Pack115504555514710406

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