10 best Starfield mods: DLSS, achievement enabler, DualSense icons, more

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Starfield scenery

Starfield is one of the greatest ventures made by Bethesda and so far has received its fair share of praise from fans and critics alike. As a Bethesda title, it is natural that fans would want to improve the game further with a ton of mods so here are the 10 best Starfield mods so far.

Using mods in Bethesda games has been a tradition since the beginning of The Elder Scrolls series. This simply means that Starfield will also receive its fair share of mods from the evergrowing modding community at NexusMods.

It is highly unlikely that any game would be perfect at launch in 2023. Although Starfield has been praised by fans, many feel it still has a few things that need to be fixed—the missing FOV slider, no DLSS, and UI issues to name a few. However, the modding community is always there to help and has introduced mods, trying to provide an unofficial fix to most of the issues.

Here are some of the best mods that you can use in Starfield right now.

10 best mods to use in Starfield so far

1. In-Game FOV Changer

Starfield FOV
You can change the game’s default FOV with the help of this mod.

The In-Game FOV Changer mod does exactly what the name suggests, that is to change the FOV in Starfield as the game does not allow you to change the field of vision (FOV) through the in-game settings.

As there is an absence of an in-game adjustable FOV slider, this mod by keanuWheeze at Nexus mods is a great way to help change it. However, keep in mind that you can also change the FOV manually by accessing the game files.

2. Starfield Upscaler

Starfield DLSS mod
You can replace the in-game FSR 2.0 with DLSS with this mod.

The Starfield Upscaler created by PureDark has been one of the most-used mods for the game. Bethesda have not provided a DLSS upscaling mode in Starfield even though most people have an NVIDIA card. This mod allows you to replace the in-game FSR 2.0 with DLSS and even offers you a slider to go through the various presets.

3. Starfield Performance Optimizations

Starfield scenery
Starfield requires quite a powerful PC to run smoothly.

The Starfield Performance Optimizations mod solves one of the major complaints regarding Starfield on PC has been its poor optimization and performance. Many have complained about the PC port as the game is hardly giving 30 fps on high-end cards like the RTX 3070 and more.

Although performance issues can be subjective and depend on a plethora of other aspects, a modder named Erok has created this mod to ensure low CPU consumption to increase performance in GPU-bound sequences.

4. Neutral LUTS – No Color Filters

Starfield mod before and after
Neutral LUTs mod before (left) vs after (right).

Some players haven’t been a fan of the diverse color palette of the hundreds of planets and galaxies in Starfield. This is why modder fadingsignal has created the Neutral LUT mod which makes the colors much more, well, “neutral.” However, keep in mind that this is not a reshade mod (we will come to it a bit later) and uses the game’s original textures.

5. Achievement Enabler

Console commands can disable achievements
Console commands can disable achievements.

Who doesn’t like to use a small amount of console commands in Bethesda games? However, people tend to regret using them if they get their achievements locked for that. While using such commands in Starfield is not illegal, Bethesda always warns you about this.

However, modder brunph has made the Achievement Enabler mod that helps you to bypass this and have your achievements always enabled even if you use console commands that disable them.

6. DualSense PS5 Icons

Starfield PS5 icons mod
Starfield PS5 icons mod.

Starfield might not be available for PlayStation, but that does not mean that people should stop using their PS5 controllers. This is why the DualSense PS5 icons mod completely revamps all the icons in the game’s UI and makes them PS5 icons— a small but extremely significant change.

7. QuantumReshade

QuantumReshade mod
This is how the QuantumReshade interface looks like in Starfield.

Coming to one of the most popular mod genres, the reshade mods for Starfield have been groundbreaking so far and the QuantumReshade mod is one of them.

It completely revamps the shaders of the game and makes sure that you receive graphics as realistic as possible with immersive imaging technology. However, you would need an extremely high-end PC in order to run this mod smoothly.

8. Less Spongy Enemies

If Starfield is too difficult for you as enemies with multiple health bars are constantly hampering your gameplay experience, do not worry, as the Less Spongy Enemies mod has got your back. This mod will reduce the health bonuses of enemies in Starfield and will make combat much easier.

9. Enhanced Player Healthbar

Red player health bar mod
This mod is pretty convenient during fights to keep a track of your health bar.

Keeping track of your HP is one of the most important factors of any action game. However, Starfield makes it a tad bit inconvenient as the color of the health bar does not change as it goes down. Even at 1% health remaining, it would normally stay white.

However, the Enhanced Player Health bar changes the equation as the health bar slowly turns into a bright red color as it starts to go down, making tracking your health much more convenient during gameplay.

10. Unlimited Traders

The Unlimited Traders mod in Starfield helps you to keep selling your items to one single trader without having to wait for them to replenish their resources. The trader will not run out of credits while even buying your entire inventory. This makes selling items much easier and more convenient compared to before.

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