Starfield modders insist they haven’t given up on the game but need better tools

Aryan Singh
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The Starfield modding scene recently became a subject of uncertainty after claims of modders ‘giving up on the game’ went viral. But now, both players and content creators, are insisting that Starfield’s modding community is healthy and active.

Bethesda RPGs are known to have plenty of modding potential and Starfield is no different. Older Bethesda releases like Skyrim and Fallout 4 are still receiving mods to this day, with both titles being the most modded games of all time on Nexus Mods.

One of the main reasons behind this is the mod-friendly Creation Engine and official support for mods through the Creation Kit.

When Starfield hit the shelves, players expected the mod support to be just as robust, and while the game has received over 6,600 mods, the general sentiment within the community isn’t as positive. This was typified after some brutal comments from one of the creators behind the popular Skyrim Together mod went viral.

The creator stated that they had given up on modding the game as it was “f**king trash,” before calling it “boring” and “bland.” Their comments did the rounds online and spawned headlines and videos suggesting that Starfield‘s modding community was throwing the towel.

This perception has only grown in popularity, and a video by the YouTube channel ‘Rebs Gaming’ sparked a discussion around the topic on the r/Starfield subreddit. It provided some strong signs of Starfield’s modding community being healthy and attracted many reactions from players.

One user stated, “One guy deciding not to make mods for Starfield was blown entirely out of proportion by some. Some folks just enjoy bad news about Starfield, whether it’s true or not.”

Many other users reiterated that they were simply waiting for official mod support, “Literally sitting here waiting for the CK to become available so that I can dip my toes into trying to be a real modder for a Bethesda game. We haven’t given up, we just don’t have the f**king tools yet.”

The general reaction pointed toward Starfield’s modding community being active, but many deemed the Creation Kit’s release to be crucial.

One user even provided their prediction of future Starfield mods: “I expect a metric ton of Star Wars/Trek, Battlestar, Expanse, whatever mods within a year of the CK as well as some big new IP thing like an Enderhal project that will double as a brand new indie studio in the future like Forgotten City was.”

It appears that official mod support will provide a significant boost to Starfield, although no firm release date has been provided yet by Bethesda.

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