Starfield players call for Elder Scrolls-inspired changes to fix “poor” loot

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield character in space

Starfield players are calling for major changes to the loot found in the game, hoping that older Bethesda titles like The Elder Scrolls series serve as inspiration.

Starfield was one of the biggest games of 2023 as it quickly became one of the most successful Bethesda titles of all time. However, as time passed, many players began to point out several shortcomings in the game, and the devs began to release patches to fix them one by one.

Bethesda have been quite active with the community as they previously promised to take feedback into consideration before the release of every patch. However, even after deploying several updates, fans are still not happy with various other aspects of Starfield.

Reddit user ‘battletoad93’ posted their opinion about Starfield’s loot as they wished that the devs would “go back to making truly unique weapons and armor” like the old games. The OP even compared Satarfield to Fallout 4 and claimed that both the games had a “looter shooter style of RNG loot.”

They added that none of the weapons or other pieces of gear had any “unique models” and made the rewards in the game “poor.” Other Starfield players agreed with the OP as they commented their opinions about the issue as well.

“I always felt like collecting all the unique weapons was one of the best bits of Fallout and [Elder Scrolls],” said one of the players. Others claimed how they “loved getting named weapons in Elder Scrolls games” whereas they were just used as “decorations” in Starfield.

Many felt that the lack of unique loot was “the worst part” of their Starfield experience, as there was “nothing to find” during their playthroughs.

Although many players have been raising their voices about the issue with loot in Starfield, Bethesda are yet to address the issue explicitly. However, players will still be hoping for a fix in the upcoming Shattered Space DLC.

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