Starfield’s next major update confirmed: DLSS, frame generation, more

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield ship in Space

Starfield players will finally get to see their desired changes after weeks of silence from the devs, as they have lined up additions and fixes for several critical issues in the game in an upcoming update.

Starfield has been one of the biggest releases in 2023 and quickly became Bethesda’s most successful launch after its release on September 6. As the devs promised regular updates and constant attention to the game during its first few weeks, fans felt they were oddly quiet in the past few weeks.

However, the wait for significant changes in the game is over as Bethesda have announced the release of Starfield’s next major update, which will include several important additions such as DLSS support, frame generation, and many more.

In their official announcement post, Bethesda mentioned that they have been “hard at work” and will be putting out the next major update on Steam Beta, somewhere around November 6-12. They have not revealed all the changes and additions in the next update in detail, but have given the fans a few confirmations beforehand.

One highly requested feature in the game was the official DLSS support which was missing in Starfield at launch and has finally been included in the upcoming update. Aside from DLSS, the devs have also confirmed that the game will utilize the new frame-generation technology after the update goes live.

With DLSS and frame generation arriving in the upcoming update, players should be able to expect high framerates in Starfield going forward.

Alongside these, the devs have also confirmed several “optimizations and improvements” that can be essential to refine the game’s performance on PC.

The announcement does not end there as Bethesda confirmed that players will be able to try out the patch “via the Steam Beta options” and they would like some fan feedback “before it goes live for all PC and Xbox players.”

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