How to change FOV in Starfield

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield characters FOV

As players have indulged themselves in the beautiful universe of Starfield, it is quite surprising to see a missing FOV slider. However, there is no need to worry as you can manually change the FOV to your desired setting quite easily on a PC.

In recent times, gamers have always considered tweaking the in-game FOV slider to achieve the best possible views. Of course, it is a pretty subjective topic with many divided opinions. However, not including the entire FOV slider has been quite a surprising move from Bethesda in their latest release, Starfield.

Many players and critics have pointed this out as a major flaw in the game’s interface. However, if you are playing Starfield on PC, you can still change it manually and achieve your desired results.

Here’s everything you need to do to change the FOV in Starfield on PC.

Starfield: How to change FOV on PC

Starfield character looking at the horizon
Unfortunately, console players cannot use this method of changing FOV.

To change the FOV in the game, you need to access your game’s files which are generally located in your PC’s “Documents.” However, if you have your game files stored somewhere else, you might want to head over there.

  1. Head over to Documents/MyGame/Starfield (or wherever you have your game files) and create a text file named “StarfieldCustom.ini”. You must save it as a .ini file otherwise you will not achieve your result.
  2. Open the text file and enter the following text:



  3. Save the file and reload the game. You should see a subtle change in your first and third-person FOV in Starfield.

This will change both the FOVs to 100. However, if you do not fancy these settings and simply wish for a narrower FOV, you can just change the FOV numbers from “100.0000” to some smaller value such as “75.0000.”

However, if you are still not so sure about creating a .ini type text file, leave it to the modders. Folks on Nexus mods have already created a fully functional .ini file for everyone else to use. As of now, there is no in-game slider for an easier workaround. However, there is always a chance for its addition in a future update.

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