Starfield level cap explained: Is there a max level?

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As you progress through Starfield, you will have to continuously level up in order to handle the harsh battles and environments of the various planets in the game. But, is there any limit to how much you can level up? Here’s everything you have to know regarding the max level in Starfield.

One of the most basic yet important things you will have to do in Starfield is level up. Almost every activity such as visiting planets, completing quests, and killing enemies, contributes to it and you get skill points at every new level.

The skill tree in Starfield is as important as it gets. From jet packs and persuasion to stealth and lockpicking, all your actions are tied to skills that you can unlock and upgrade through the tree. As you progress further into the game, you will to have continuously level up to tackle the enemies and stark planetary conditions.

You’ll need to reach level 328 to fully upgrade all the available skills, but what happens to your level after that? Here’s everything to know about the max-level cap in Starfield.

Is there a max-level cap in Starfield?

Starfield ship
Leveling up is the most essential aspect of the game.

There is no level cap in Starfield, implying that you can keep upgrading your character while you traverse through the diverse galaxies and planets. In the process, you’ll have the chance to unlock and upgrade all 82 skills.

As mentioned earlier, the game can even cross the 100-hour playtime mark if you are an explorer and completionist. This makes gaining skill points and abilities an endless quest even after playing the game for a significant amount of time. However, there is an achievement called Reach for the Stars for reaching level 100 with your character.

Although level 100 seems to be a big target to strive for, that will only cover a fraction of the game.

How high can your character level go in Starfield?

Starfield character inside a ship
You can explore the vast open world and continue leveling without any limitations.

Considering Starfield is a Bethesda game, the maximum achievable level in Starfield is still unknown, as players have reported reaching as high as level 328, where you should be able to max out every skill.

It’s common for Bethesda games to allow players to reach incredibly high ranks. For example, the maximum level in Skyrim is 65,535. Many players who have tried to go past that level have either had their game crashed or had their level reset back to 0.

With a plethora of abilities left to unlock and an extensive list of planets to explore, players are having a healthy time upgrading their character. However, with the enormous extent of the open world in Starfield, it is unlikely that anyone would be capable enough to reach such a number anytime soon.

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