What are Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go?

Ezequiel Leis
Gold PokeStop and a Golden Lure Module in Pokemon Go

Gold PokeStops are a variant of the regular Pokemon Go item spots. So, here’s everything to know about Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go, including rewards, duration, and how to evolve Gimmighoul.

Gold PokeStops are a special version of Pokemon Go‘s PokeStops and spinning them ensures a decent supply of evolution items, PokeBalls, healing items, and Field Research tasks. But there’s more than just that.

So here’s everything to know about Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go, including how to make them appear and the spinning rewards.

What are Golden PokeStops in Pokemon Go?

Gold PokeStops can appear at random in Pokemon Go, and players can spin them to get Gimmighoul Coins. You may want to note that you won’t always get these coins, and the amounts you get may vary. Gold PokeStops can also give more items than regular PokeStops but are active for only 30 minutes.

Gholdengo and Gimmighoul arriving in Pokemon Go
Players can get access to Golden Lure Modules by connecting to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

These PokeStops appear during special events or if another player places a Golden Lure Module on a regular PokeStop. If you want to get your hands on a Golden Lure Module, you’ll need to connect your Pokemon Go account to your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adventure.

How to evolve Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players need Gimmighoul Coins to evolve Roaming Form Gimmighoul into Gholdengo. What’s more, you’ll need a total of 999 Gimmighoul Coins to achieve the feat, so you’ll probably need to use many Golden Lure Modules and spin many Golden PokeStops.

Of course, catching Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go can also grant you Gimmighoul Coins. If you’re wondering how to get this elusive Pokemon, here’s a guide on how to connect Pokemon S&V to Pokemon Go to make them appear in your game.

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