Pokemon Go players share simple tips to complete Steel-type Platinum Medal quickly

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go steel-type platinum badge

Getting the Steel-type Platinum Medal in Pokemon Go is quite the task but a few players have revealed some tricks to complete the grind as soon as possible.

One of the most common grinds in Pokemon Go is completing the Platinum Medal feat for various tasks in the mobile game. Some involve PvP and PvE battles, while others require you to beat Raids.

But, the most common quest is to catch 2,500 of every Pokemon type, and some of these are more difficult than others as they are rarer spawns. For such species, trainers need to play more rigorously to collect large numbers and progress in their Medals.

So, when a Reddit user named ‘dmglakewood’ revealed that it took them a whopping 78,193 catches to finally claim the Steel-type Platinum Medal, fellow trainers revealed quicker ways to get the job done.

Right off the bat, users urged everyone to use the Meltan Mystery Box to get countless spawns of the Steel-type Mythical for an entire hour. This piece of info took many fans by surprise, while some didn’t even know about it.

When asked how to get the Meltan Box, a trainer replied, “Connect Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home or Switch.” Others added that this can be done every three days in Pokemon Go.

The Meltan haul from using this method is so impressive that a person stated that they got 450 Candies with just one Mystery Box.

As everyone thanked users for mentioning the Meltan Box, a few highlighted another way to bag several Steel types quickly in Pokemon Go. “Just like the Mystery Box for steel types, the Coin Bag can be used to summon a bunch of Gimmighoul,” one fan revealed.

However, you should note that the Gimmighoul Coin Bag can only be accessed if you own Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while Home connectivity is sufficient for Meltan.

If you’re looking to get Meltan and coins for Gimmighoul, here’s how to connect Pokemon Go to Home and Scarlet and Violet.

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