Simple Pokemon Go tip makes embarrassing PokeStop scanning tasks stress free

Niladri Sarkar
pokestop scanning task in pokemon go

Scanning PokeStop Field Research tasks are often abandoned by Pokemon Go trainers courtesy of their allegedly weird quests, such as scanning a children’s park. Now, this simple tip can eliminate those woes once and for all.

Field Research tasks help Pokemon Go players get their hands on useful in-game items that help them catch Pokemon, get rewarded for competing in Raids and the Go Battle League, and so much more. That said, almost every trainer avoids the PokeStop scanning tasks even though they boast amazing rewards.

Scanning public places with your phone can get extremely awkward, especially when frequented by people who might mistakenly think they’re getting filmed. But, you can now get these tasks done without panicking about it!

This emerged after a Reddit user named ‘Zendercy42’ got a task that asked them to ‘Scan Children at the pool,’ which amused and shocked them.

You should know that certain PokeStops in Pokemon Go are located next to wall paintings in public places or children’s parks, and scanning either is easier said than done.

Fans called the tasks “creepy,” and admitted that they never do such quests, with some even fearing getting arrested for looking “suspicious” while taking on the scans.

But, a player came to their rescue with a handy tip: “You don’t have to scan the entire PokeStop. Once you get close enough to open the scan feature, you can scan the floor around you wherever you are, non-suspicious like, just keep the screen moving slowly.”

Fellow players thanked the user for their suggestion as a few thought they had to scan whatever the picture on the PokeStop showed. The scanning tasks rewarding valuable items like Poffins and Rare Candy are some of the most sought-after, and this simple method gives everyone an easy way to farm them.

Regardless of whether you’re eager for these scanning tasks with knowledge of the tips shared by these players, you can keep an eye on Showcases and try getting a Kecleon hidden in PokeStops, one of the rarest species in Pokemon Go.

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