Simple Pokemon Go tips help breeze through “exhausting” Master Ball Research tasks

Niladri Sarkar
master ball masterwork research in pokemon go

As the Catching Wonders Research for the Master Ball chugs along in Pokemon Go, trainers have revealed some tips to speed through the quest’s tedious tasks quickly.

Pokemon Go players have a third chance to get the coveted Master Ball and this time, the Masterwork Research has no time limit and is free, giving all a fair chance to grab the prized Poke Ball.

That said, the tasks involved in the various stages of the quest are nothing to sneeze at, as they’re still grueling and time-consuming. From catching several Pokemon to making Excellent Throws, many are struggling. But, thanks to some handy tips shared by a few trainers, it is now easier to get the job done.

After Reddit user ‘mikaylaaaa102’ asked, “How’s everyone doing on the masterwork research?” in a post while showing step (2/4) of the Master Ball quest, many revealed they were yet to make decent progress.

With many dreading the ‘Make 50 Excellent Throws’ task, a fan said, “Finding some of the larger Pokemon makes it very easy (Dragonite, Wailmer, etc). Utilize specific lure modules to populate the larger types of Pokemon.”

Another advised taking advantage of Legendaries and Ultra Beasts in Raids, as they are “perfect for the curveballs/candy tasks,” thanks to them escaping frequently, giving multiple chances to feed Candies and land Curveballs.

Also, many completed some of the tasks during Community Day and with the Research giving you all the time you need, you can get many tasks done in such Pokemon Go events, including the Spotlight Hour.

As more chipped in that the tasks were “insane” and “exhausting,” some suggested finding a spot with plenty of PokeStops, giving a supply of Berries and spawns, making it easier to grind the quest. Additionally, they are also more likely to feature Team Go Rocket battles as well.

With Go Fest 2024 on the horizon, players can complete the Research or advance greatly, while possibly finding good use of their Master Ball on powerhouses like a Hundo Necrozma.