Pokemon Go players abandon grindy Field Research tasks with “useless” rewards

Niladri Sarkar
professor willow assigning field research tasks in pokemon go

Field Research tasks are key to grabbing some of the most useful items in Pokemon Go but some are so tedious and not worth the effort, that players want nothing to do with them.

Completing Field Research tasks daily in Pokemon Go gives handy items as well as encounters with rare and powerful Pokemon in the game. Some quests are simple while others are challenging, but players are always up for most of them.

That said, a good number of these tasks have no takers and fans dislike them so much, that they’d rather delete them. Reddit user ‘ShawnSaturday’ isn’t particularly fond of the ‘Purify 3 Shadow Pokemon’ task as it drains thousands of Stardust.

They then asked the community: “What research tasks are you the most likely to delete?” and fellow users took the cue.

Right off the bat, players commented: “I get rid of the ones that are too much hassle for little gain” and “The #1 most likely to delete is ‘power up’ since it’s the most useless resource sink task in the game.”

Some Pokemon Go players slammed the ‘Walk 2km’ task that gives Pawmi, a hilariously weak and common species, while others questioned how something as tiring as ‘Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts’ leads to an Alolan Rattata.

Fans called such tasks “terrible” and their rewards “useless.” Even tasks requiring trainers to win a certain number of Raids hardly generate any interest, as their rewards include Pokemon that aren’t relevant in the meta.

Also, tasks with “anything multiple times in a row” often get players frustrated with failed attempts, and they could have probably gotten more love if the rewards were worthwhile.

Regardless of the tasks, most agree that the underwhelming nature of rewards is the reason such tasks are a huge turn-off and get instantly deleted.

While Field Research tasks may not motivate you, check out exciting Masterwork Research quests for getting the Master Ball and shiny Shaymin in Pokemon Go.