Pokemon Go players can unlock Community Day move even after event ends

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pokemon go bagon community day classic

The excitement of Community Day shinies in Pokemon Go caused many trainers to forget about evolving Bagon and getting the move Outrage on the powerful Salamence. But, players have revealed a handy tip to get the exclusive move even after the event ends.

The April Community Day Classic event let Pokemon Go players catch plenty of shinies and 100 IV Bagon, but amid the fun and thrill, many forgot to do the most important thing: Evolve the Pokemon caught.

Players grinded the event until 5 PM local time when Bagon stopped spawning, only to realize that they missed out on evolving it to Salamence and getting Outrage, which makes this species a top-tier Dragon-type attacker. One such trainer is Reddit user ‘JacenVane’ who posted that they got five shiny Bagon but didn’t evolve any of them by 5 PM.

But, much to the surprise of the OP and other trainers in the same boat, users pointed out a Community Day perk they had no idea about. “You have until 2 hours after the event ends to get the evolution moves, so this time is up to 7 PM when you can get Outrage.”

To this, another acknowledged, “One of the best changes since 2016 is there’s now a 2h grace period after 5 PM to evolve and still get the special move!”

Players thanked the users who shared this tip to grab the special move on the evolution even after Community Day ends at 5 PM.

But, this wasn’t all to take away, as a few trainers highlighted a detail for players like the OP who missed Outrage Salamence. “There’s a second chance to get it in the December CD recap. All moves from the past two years become available for two days,” a trainer explained.

With Salamence featured in a 2024 Community Day Classic, you can save your shiny or high IV Bagon and Shelgon for December this year and get Outrage on the OP Pseudo Legendary Dragon-type in Pokemon Go without using an Elite Charged TM.

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