Pokemon Go players share simple tips to complete “stuck” Research tasks

Niladri Sarkar
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Several Pokemon Go Research tasks get on the nerves of trainers as they take forever to complete. But a few players have revealed some handy tips to wrap up some of the most annoying tasks to date.

Pokemon Go introduces several quests in the form of Field and Special Research tasks, giving trainers juicy rewards for completing them. But not all of them are built the same, as some are more difficult than others, leaving many unable to progress.

Whether it’s about catching certain Pokemon, unlocking evolutions, or maintaining a streak, players have had their woes with these tasks and just can’t get them done and dusted, no matter how hard they try.

One such trainer is Reddit user ‘-TheMidpoint-‘ who asked, “What’s that ONE research task you’ve been on forever?” in a post where they showed a quest they’re struggling with.

The post prompted several Pokemon Go fans to jump into the comments section and mention the Research tasks that troubled them to the extent that they couldn’t end. Fortunately for them, some fellow trainers came to their rescue.

Right off the bat, a player said that step (8/9) of the ‘Let’s Go, Meltan!’ Special Research that requires them to catch two of either Lileep or Anorith has been their bane, with another stating they’ve been “stuck on the exact same thing for months.”

To this, another replied: “Use daily incense every day and take a look at research rewards. There’s a task that gives you an encounter.” You should know that the ‘Make 3 Great Throws in a row’ Field Research task gives these Pokemon as rewards.

Others highlighted the ‘Catch a Ditto‘ task, for which a fan advised hunting for Koffing, as the disguise Pokemon is frequently available in this form. Coming to the ‘Evolve a Magikarp’ quest, a trainer advised: “Can find the rare male rocket grunt that has ‘the waters are treacherous’ or something like that. The male water grunt only has Magikarp encounters.”

And for those having a tough time with ‘Catch 40 Ghost-type Pokemon‘ from the Halloween event, people suggested hunting for Gastly at dusk or “ghost grunts, the ‘ke ke ke ke’ ones.”

As you complete these Research tasks in Pokemon Go, check out the Team Go Rocket Grunt lineups, Raids, and Spotlight Hour schedules to catch the required species fast.

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