These Pokemon Go spawns help complete grueling Master Ball Excellent Throws task quickly

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go species oranguru in the anime

The last stage of the Master Ball Research in Pokemon Go requires players to land 50 Excellent Throws and you must be struggling. But, certain spawns can help complete the grind in no time!

The Catching Wonders Masterwork Research gives all Pokemon Go trainers a chance to get a free Master Ball and while most tasks are simple, the ‘Make 50 Excellent Throws’ quest is giving many a tough time.

Now, getting this demanding task done and dusted is easier, thanks to some Pokemon spawns found in the game in June 2024. One player who has cracked this simple method to breeze through Excellent Throws is Reddit user ‘General_Kokomi’ who made an example out of Oranguru.

This Psychic-type Pokemon has been heavily featured in the Slumbering Sands event and while it will wrap up on June 12, there are more spawns that trainers can take advantage of.

Many vouched for another popular Psychic type in Pokemon Go, the Gen 1 icon Slowpoke, as an easy Excellent Throw. They stated it’s “generous with the circle and the perfect distance away.”

While Slowpoke is an easy catch, other species having a low catch rate but a perfect throw circle offer scope for multiple Excellent Throws. One great example is Sudowoodo.

Other frequent spawns found outside events are Grimer, Mareep, Wailmer, and sometimes, Nosepass, whose catching antics are similar to Sudowoodo.

Another wrote: “Furfrou is definitely my favorite for easy excellent throws,” a species you can get by completing the seven-day Research Breakthrough.

Also, a few fans highlighted that some region exclusives, including Tauros in the Americas and Mr. Mime in Europe, are great for securing quick Excellent catches and progressing in the Research task.

If you’re curious to find out the best Pokemon Go picks for using the Master Ball, use it on Necrozma to get its OP Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions in Go Fest 2024.