Pokemon Go shiny Shaymin Masterwork Research grind is easier than you think

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go shiny shaymin masterwork research

The shiny Shaymin Masterwork Research quest in Pokemon Go has a bad reputation, but upon closer review, it’s not as grueling as made out to be.

Every year since 2021, Pokemon Go brought a Masterwork Research quest with a guaranteed shiny Mythical Pokemon catch.

With shiny Mew and Jirachi in the bag for most people, the ongoing Glimmers of Gratitude Masterwork Research offering a shiny Shaymin as a reward has seven stages. While it seems long and tedious, the tasks involved in each part tell a different story altogether.

Players are tasked with catching 492 Pokemon from each of the first four Generations, capturing species continuously for several days, and several other challenges. These challenges are more of a matter of patience than a grueling grind.

Players spend time on these activities each day, and with at least one spawn guaranteed regularly, you can get through the Research by playing for around 10 to 15 minutes daily. While it does seem daunting at first, once you start rolling along, the Research becomes something to look forward to!

Many trainers are now happily aboard the shiny Shaymin Research bandwagon and are enjoying the tasks, as evidenced by comments from a Reddit post by user ‘StaleUnderwear’. They were shocked to find another challenge of catching Pokemon for 21 days after completing the first haul of 21 catches.

“You don’t have to do anything other than open the game and throw one ball, it’s brain-dead easy,” a user said before another added that it’s much easier than the tasks in the Mew and Jirachi Research that included catching all Kanto regionals and Kecleon.

Even if you find the initial tasks tricky, the last four stages are a breeze. “The last few pages after the 3rd one seem a lot quicker,” a trainer chimed in.

Ultimately, this Pokemon Go Masterwork Research quest gives you a goal to work towards each time you open the game, and with one catch, the grind isn’t all that grueling.

One simple tip is to set reminders on your mobile device to monitor playing time and complete the tasks to grab your shiny Shaymin in Pokemon Go free of stress.

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